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Women are making headway in tech, but they still have a long way to go

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According to a 2020 PwC study, Promoting Women’s Participation in the Technology Industry This could add up to $6 trillion to GDP in developed countries. However, research by Endeavor and Mastercard found that 53% of tech companies in Mexico City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires were founded exclusively by men, compared to companies founded or co-founded by women. This ratio has decreased to 43%,

while in our country 6 out of 10 college students are womenAccording to the Center for Public Policy Implementation for Equity and Growth (Cippec), this participation rate has fallen to 25% among those studying engineering and applied sciences, and 15% for programming careers. Women play a fundamental role In democratization, it’s not just about technology, but also about the possibilities that come out of it.

Women are increasingly present in local tech companies. generate behaviors to engage and encourage them To continue learning and preparing in the technical field.

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., a global provider of cyber security expertise, has formed a strategic alliance in cyber security with WOMCY (LATAM Women). Facilitate action to fill gaps in trained professionals You are more variety Latin American cybersecurity industry.

Through this alliance Activities and Training Programs for Latino Women I am trying to improve my skills in this area.Other events and exhibitions Increased participation of women in tech companies in the computer security industry.

According to the latest Harvey Nash/KPMG research: Only 11% of tech leaders are womenAnd while only one-fifth of tech industry teams are women, women at VTEX companies already make up 39% of the company’s workforce. Our goal for 2022 is to reach 60% female participation.

Carla Castorina, Mar del Plata Company Billing, says the people care sector is focused on people’s talents and working with a global perspective. Equal Opportunity, Integrating Gender Equality in each process. “Being a competitive company means making the most of the talent within the organization, and in that sense.The diversity that female leadership provides is essential And it’s a daily challenge,” he insisted.

Constanza Paterno, from the same company, believes there is a growing playing field for women in the IT world.Technologies and workshop targets For women to learn about this subject from a young age. With a growing interest in technology, more and more women are choosing careers in this field. “

Now, according to a study by consulting firm EY, 25% of women in the country work in technology, but only 5% are in leadership positions.A phenomenon that transcends public and private sectors even at the entrepreneurial level.

“To lead a world in which women are driven to disrespect, you must have a lot of power to hear And care and equality should be seen, taken seriously and respected. Paterno, who knows first-hand what it’s like to perform in a predominantly male environment, recalls: : “I went to a computer-oriented technical high school. We were just 2 students in a room of 30 people. And now only I am dedicated to the technical field. “

Elvira Saldana, Regional People Manager at BrandLive, an Argentinian company that specializes in digital commerce, said: Gender roles are decliningand each person, whether female or male, does what they can and does what works for them. I would have gone my own way, but I would certainly give up some virtues.

“We want to develop teams that are more likely to make the most of the opportunities that arise, and that there are no gaps in opportunities. But that’s what they want and can be anywhere. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or political orientation’” Saldana commented on the growth of a company that works for the diversity and inclusion of women.


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