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Why We Focused On Voice Feedback Technology To Improve Your Guest's Restaurant Experience |

The speed and ease of use of voice clearly triggered a level of customer excitement about sharing the experience that was unprecedented compared to other digital marketing channels we used.

Lupe Acosta, Owner, Edge of Texas Steakhouse – August 9, 2022

Our steakhouse is traditional (or at least traditional Digital) marketing activities – especially when collecting customer feedback and trying to understand how much customers enjoy the dining experience and food we offer. We are veterans of listening on the ground and proactively responding to customer needs using social media channels such as Facebook and crowdsourced review sites. We use that feedback in everything from adapting restaurant practices to adjusting menu items and marketing campaigns around them.

We are also constantly looking for more efficient, engaging, and insightful approaches to collecting customer sentiment. This led us to consider new strategies based on recent voice marketing technology. It allows customers to leave instant voice messages for brands via her AI-powered platform. Customers can access this voice interface by clicking a link available across all marketing channels, from your website to social media to email. You can also scan her QR code with your phone at the restaurant. Customers can instantly provide feedback they want to express by simply speaking their thoughts out loud.

To explore the potential of this technology, we turned to Speaky (Instreamatic’s new voice messaging voice platform) and launched a promotional campaign inviting customers to try this new approach to brand feedback. Our campaign’s call to action encouraged customers to speak freely and openly using a one-click voice interface. I wanted you to tell me, verbally, in your own words, what was your favorite dish at our steakhouse.

By running a feedback campaign in this way, customers who are too lazy to enter their feedback, who don’t want to wait to speak to their manager, or who don’t want to share their opinions in the office, have no other options. I thought it could provide a compelling simplicity that was not. Man. After all, speaking is the most natural and comfortable way for people to communicate and is about three times faster than typing for the average user. Research also shows that brands can earn loyalty simply by being a good listener. Microsoft found that 77% of his surveyed customers viewed brands that explicitly wanted to hear their feedback more favorably. Therefore, by employing voice feedback, it is clear that the voice of our customers is very important to us, and that their opinions and feelings have a lot to do with the decisions we make and the dining experience we seek to provide. I was able to send you a message.

Click-to-Speak campaign in progress

We’ve also found that such modernized voice feedback can go a long way in simplifying the task of sifting through customer voice feedback and identifying gems of actionable insight. Analytics actually key in specific topics and sentiments in real-time as your customers speak. The platform then provides actionable reports based on that analysis, with the option to drill down into full audio transcripts to validate findings.

In our case, feedback flagged as having a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment and associated with keyword topics of interest to restaurants, such as ‘service’, ‘price’ and ‘ambience’. You can quickly check the voice response. The reports our team is currently armed with highlight actionable takeaways backed up by directly supporting customer quotes. For example, 15% of feedback on a given day praised our service or 12% had negative comments about the atmosphere, you can see at a glance those metrics and exactly what customers said. This includes urgent findings. If many guests say that a particular dish is not up to par on a particular night, we can act quickly to address the issue.

When it came to the campaign promoting the voice feedback feature, it practically blew away the success of all previous customer survey initiatives by achieving a 45% engagement rate. The speed and ease of use of voice clearly triggered a level of customer excitement about sharing the experience that was unprecedented compared to other digital marketing channels we used. conveys depth, nuance and insight far beyond what we are accustomed to from written feedback.

In our experience, voice feedback enables companies like ours to understand their customers better, respond more quickly to their wants and needs, and build closer customer relationships. A closer connection with customers means recognizing problems and opportunities faster and delivering a more purposeful and sophisticated customer experience.

Lupe Acosta is the owner of Edge of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon. Established in 1997, this restaurant serves customers in El Paso, Texas.

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