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Welsh Fire's Wilson thanks Lioness for pushing women's sport on agenda

Welsh Fire’s Fran Wilson thanks the European Championship-winning English Lionesses for making women’s sport even more popular. It’s been a year since The Hundred took women’s cricket to new heights.

Wilson traded owner Oval Invincibles for a team closer to home in the West Country, hoping to reignite the Welsh Fire charge after last year’s bottom finish.

The 30-year-old, who won the World Cup in England, will start her 100 campaign when Wales Fire take on Birmingham Phoenix at Sophia Gardens on 13 August.

“I really hope that they will bring more visibility to women’s sport. I hope that the profile the Lionesses have built and their success will have an impact on other sports, including cricket,” Wilson said. Said. Oval. KP Snacks is her official team her partner in The Hundred and is on a mission to inspire more families to get active through cricket by offering pop-up experiences on national tours.

“Hopefully we can ride that momentum wave and I am very grateful to them.

Many cricketers were present, including former England captain Eoin Morgan.

“I think The Hundred played a big part in that. When I started playing senior women’s cricket, I had no idea Sellout Rose would host a national competition.

“So it’s been really incredible that it’s come to fruition and where the benefits of having a doubleheader and playing with men really led to that exposure, it’s been incredible for us. It was a tournament of

Wilson was speaking at the launch of KP Snacks’ summer cricket roadshow at The Black Prince Trust in The Oval. The roadshow arrived in Cardiff on 5 August to kick off the men’s competition with Welsh Fire playholders Southern Brave. The women’s competition starts in a week. After the end of her T20 competition for women at the Commonwealth Games.

she said:

“And it’s all about getting families involved, whether it’s older kids, boys, or girls. So it’s great to have an event like this today.”

Craven Herald: Wilson to combine playing for Welsh Fire with commentary workWilson combines playing for Welsh Fire with commentary work

Wilson ended his international career last October but is happy to see young players like Alice Capsey in action.

A year after becoming The Hundred’s breakout star, the 17-year-old Capsey became his first 50-goaler in international competition yesterday as England defeated South Africa at the Commonwealth Games.

“Last year I was in Alice’s team and it was clear what she could do. She showed it for England,” said Wilson.

“I think it’s all about managing expectations with any young player, because she goes through her ups and downs. She’s still learning to trade.

“She might get a little down. But in the end, having someone like that to support and persevere will allow her to continue playing for England for many years to come.”

“The last thing we want is not to put our hopes on a 17-year-old player.

The Hundred’s official team partner, KP Snacks, will tour the country this summer to give people more opportunities to play cricket as part of their ‘Everyone In’ campaign. Visit