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Weird GTA Online clip shows dead NPC stuck in plane wing

A Grand Theft Auto player captures the moment when a dead NPC gets stuck in the wing of a plane while flying towards Cayo Perico for a heist.

from the beginning grand theft auto Title, something strange is happening, but it’s grand theft auto onlineshare many of the same maps, weapons, and mechanics grand theft auto 5.1 grand theft auto online Players have captured the odd occurrence of an NPC getting stuck in a plane’s wing.

The vehicle grand theft auto The title has come many ways since its inception GTA Fan can traverse grand theft auto online A map that includes planes.unlike any other grand theft auto title, gta online is regularly updated with new content and occasional additions to this vehicle roster. This nicely expands the transport options available to avid players. Reddit user Luethifers_life recently shared a clip of him exploring the landscape of Los Santos using one of his aforementioned planes.

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of Luethifers_life grand theft auto online The clip begins with the player briefly climbing through the sky in an airplane, then diving in a way that should shoot an NPC stuck in the wing back to the ground. , the player takes a sharp turn and then flies straight up, relying on a first-person view to ignore stowaways.on the way to gta online Luethifers_life locates the Cayo Perico for the mission, levels the plane facing the beach, turns left again, and then returns to the wing of the plane to make sure the NPC is still there.

When Luethifers_life flies straight again and finally runs a full loop in a tiny plane, the NPC is unshakable, but not the character who should have fallen out of the sky by this moment. Luethifers_life’s clip concludes with the player returning to the standard third-person view to continue the mission after failing to remove an extra character from the plane that appears to be immune to gravity. It is currently unknown what caused this NPC to react to the game mechanics in this way, but this NPC is not his first NPC. gta online act suspiciously.

Luethifers_life couldn’t shake NPCs with video, gta online The player confirmed that he had fallen before reaching Cayo Perico. This is to the chagrin of some of his Reddit users who responded to the clip.Many comments referred to El Rubio, a victim of the Cayo Perico robbery, and a regular mission to rob him, while others noted that this grand theft auto online The characters were simply trying to free ride around town.

grand theft auto online Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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