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The impact of mobile phones on bingo games

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Mobile phones are more ubiquitous than ever, and many people are using smart devices in their homes instead of landlines. According to research, 6.648 billion people use smartphones. In other words, approximately 83.37% of the world’s population owns and uses a smartphone on a regular basis. This figure is predicted by researchers to grow by 7.7 billion in 2027. Smartphones will be around for a long time, even if it wasn’t clear until now.

With the increasing use of smartphones, the gaming industry is on the rise. The internet boom of the 1990s had a huge impact on gaming. With the game’s explosion over the years and its production value, the game has quickly become mainstream. Games and smartphones also influence each other. This year alone, nearly 3 billion people around the world are playing games on their mobile phones. The quality of mobile phones and mobile phone games has grown in step.

Some of the most popular games people play on their mobile phones are casino and card games, with an average session time of 22 minutes, the highest average time per session on mobile. One of the games that is becoming one of the top casino games you can play on your mobile device is bingo.

This article explores the history of bingo and how it has changed over the years. And how mobile phones are impacting this game, and its growth into new demographics.

A brief history of bingo

Bingo is believed to have its roots in 16th-century Italy and soon spread to France where it was played by the nobility. The game itself, which was very popular in Britain, actually didn’t move to the area until he was in the 18th century, two centuries later. Known as ‘housey-housey’ in the UK, the game skyrocketed in popularity when the Gambling Act of 1960 spurred the creation of bingo halls.

These bingo halls continued to grow from that period until 2005. Since then, dedicated bingo halls have declined, making the game less popular in land-based casinos and halls.

Bingo is famous for its famous calls at land-based venues where numbers are called along with sayings such as “Kelly’s eyes, number one” and “Legs eleven, number eleven.” This trend has moved online with his bingo online transforming the social aspect and incorporating chat his rooms into gameplay. Bingo players can now use different bingo nicknames when communicating with other players in chat rooms. For example, a player can use ‘1tg’ to let other players know he is waiting for one number. These callouts and nicknames helped the social aspect of online bingo flourish.

Mobile Impact on Bingo

As mentioned earlier, mobile device ownership has had a significant impact not only on the casino industry, but also on bingo and its popularity. Here are some of the main reasons.


Playing mobile games and online casino sites is accessible and convenient. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy bingo. You can play on the go or at a friend’s house. Play anywhere, anytime.

One of the main reasons bingo has become so popular on smartphones is convenience. It also modernized the game, drawing in a younger demographic who may have felt that bingo halls were outdated and for older generations.

promotions and offers

Online casino sites and bingo sites often offer promotions and bonuses, especially when you first sign up. This is because the industry is highly saturated and reputable bingo sites are trying to attract loyal customers.

Many websites also offer VIP packages and loyalty memberships. This ensures that customers continue to take advantage of promotions and earn rewards the more they play on your website.

various payment methods

A casino or bingo website should offer a variety of payment methods to satisfy customers with different banking needs.

This could mean everything from traditional high street banks, to challenger or digital banks like Monzo, to cryptocurrencies like Apple Pay, PayPal and even Bitcoin! wants to ensure that customers have a variety of ways to easily make payments. There are likely to be far more ways to make these deals online than at traditional bingo halls.

Game coverage and quality

Another big reason people choose to play bingo on their devices is the range and quality of games available to players. As mentioned earlier, market saturation means that the best websites keep introducing new versions of their games to keep their customers entertained. Online bingo offers a variety of new and exciting themes and fun bonus games.

What to look for on a bingo site?

If this is your first time playing bingo on your smart device, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a site. First, make sure your site is secure and has a privacy policy in place. The most reputable sites offer downloadable apps that ensure the best playing experience.

You can always check comparison sites and reviews. Remember that the most popular and well-known sites are the best choice because they have a good reputation to back up and high standards as a result.