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The best inventions and techniques of The Soul Reapers

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hit boy series bleaching, a dazzling variety of weapons, items and Kido spells help complete the combat system. This is especially true of the black-robed Soul Reapers who patrol the mortal realms to kill Hollows or escort the souls of the dead. Soul Reapers primarily use their zanpakutō for their missions, but that’s not all.

It is primarily the research and development team, 12th Squad, that pioneers the most useful and versatile tools Soul Reapers use on the job.Those items only appear here and there bleachingbut together, they prove just how innovative and resourceful Soul Reapers can be, despite their traditionalist culture and mindset.

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In the real world, pagers are usually associated with doctors and the 1990s in general, and interestingly, bleachingSoul Reapers use their own version of pagers, simply called Soul Pagers. This may reflect techniques commonly used in Japan. bleaching began serialization in the early 2000s. Soul Reapers shows that innovation is possible while not relying too heavily on fancy technology. These pragmatic spirits his agents make do with passable technology like Soul Pagers, and such devices serve his two main functions.

The Soul Pager is a communicator, used to make phone calls between spirit agents in the Soul Society and spirit agents in the world of the living. The Soul Reaper may use it when in distress and needing backup, such as when cornered by the Hollows or unable to return to the Soul Society for some reason. is text-based. Soul Pagers can be used as trackers to track the movements of his Hollows nearby, much like the Space Marines in the anime version. alien Track the xenomorphs using the M314 motion tracker. In particular, the main character, Rukia Kuchiki, bleachingThe first season helping Ichigo hunt down the lost Hollows.

Soul Pagers have a slightly different physical design, including colors. In the bonus comic, members of the Soul Reaper Women’s Association had a meeting to redesign simple Soul Pagers, customizing the shape and color for example in the same way. Most notably, Soul Reapers completely updated the Soul Pager as of the one-shot chapter, making her iPhone-style her Soul Pager complete with FaceTime-style video chat, making it state-of-the-art. It is the adoption of human technology. For example, Renji was seen chatting with Ichigo this way from a distance.

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Soul Candy and Gigai Body allow Soul Reapers to interact with humans

Soul Reapers generally cannot interact with mortal humans at all. Although Shinigami are physically solid, non-mental humans cannot see or hear them, making diplomacy difficult. If you have, you can use more advanced items to blend in. completely normal. These Gigai’s bodies start out as blank templates, but can transform into any likeness of the user, minus the clothing. When the user obtains the clothes, the gigai body becomes available. A notable example of this is when Rukia spent the majority of season 1 in a gigai body provided by Kisuke Urahara himself. I used it to pretend to be a student at Ichigo’s school.

One related Soul Reaper tech is Soul Candy. Swallowing this small candy-like item allows you to push the soul out of the corpse. Ichigo and Rukia often use them together in their early adventures, and Soul’s candy pieces come in convenient containers reminiscent of his PEZ candy dispenser. Soul Reapers typically use Soul Candy to quickly drain their true spiritual bodies from their Gigai. Because leaving Gigai without Soul Candy is slow and difficult. Soul candy places conscious souls within Gigai. This soul usually follows the Soul user of his Reaper and flees the scene in case of danger. Chappie is one such artificial soul he used by Rukia in Arrancar D Roy before he fought the Linker.

Other versions of these items also exist. Kisuke invented a portable gigai that can be quickly inflated and used like a balloon. when it comes– Alternate styles during battle. Then there are Mod-Souls, which contain combat-capable artificial souls, or rare Soul Candy pieces. Mod-Souls were quickly deemed defective and unworthy of use, so they were recalled by the Soul Society and destroyed. The only exception is Ichigo and Rukia’s friend Kon, who can use kicks in battle. Kisuke wanted to destroy him, but Ichigo and Rukia spoke in his defense and he was spared.