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Thaddeus Stevens Institute of Technology Spring 2022 Graduates | Community News

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The local student was one of the students who graduated on May 22, 2022. Thaddeus Stevens College of TechnologyThey are listed with their hometown and major.

Akron — Nelson Anderton,welding.

Bainbridge — Eileen McElhenneyelectronics; Joseph Souder,Electricity.

Bird in Hand — Derek Urishnyheating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Christiana — Nicholas Reinoso Ponchanoelectrical work and maintenance.

Cochraneville — Nicholas Millermetalworking and welding.

Colombia — Gavin Guyercomputer and network system administration. Julius Martinezmetalworking and welding. Elizabeth Milesgraphic communication and printing. Mya Mojikaarchitecture; Nathan Leshheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Gia Stryvermetalworking and welding. Ian Youngelectronics.

Conestoga — Daniel Adamsarchitecture; Evan Hostetter,Electricity; Riley Mitchellcomputer and network system management.

Denver — Zachary Freezemetalworking and welding. Luke Gellert,Electricity; Trevor Lambert,Automobile; Adam Lesniara,welding; Tristan NortComputer Software Engineering.

Drummore — Daniel Spilkermetalworking and welding.

East Petersburg — Major Skyler,Piping; manny riverabusiness administration; renford sterlingheating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Elizabethtown — Alison Espenshadewelding certificate; Jared Forneyelectromechanical (mechatronics); Alexander Millerelectromechanical (mechatronics); Thomas MongnoEngineering Computer Aided Design. Michael PolizziEngineering Computer Aided Design. Michael Lavertcarpentry; Caleb Shaffercarpentry.

Ephrata — Chad Alshouse,Electricity; jordan back,Electricity; Jayden Duansouriheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Jared Martinarchitecture; alexa quickarchitecture.

Gordonville — Ryan Smith,Electricity.

Holtwood — Norman Brooks,welding.

Honey Brook — Alexander Foremanresidential remodeling; Griffin Getzelectromechanical (mechatronics); Gabriel Roldanwater and the environment.

Lancaster — Jibril Abdullahcollision repair; Sebastian Asensioheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Remi Asso Gonzalezelectronics; Briana Ayalagraphic communication and printing. Henry Ayalacarpentry; Michael Bakercomputer software engineering; harley benardheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Derek Brill,Electricity; Keira Carbobusiness administration; Nadia Checanresidential remodeling; Matthew Cronewater and the environment. Daniel DollEngineering Computer Aided Design. Cesar DeJesusgraphic communication and printing. Xandielix Delacruz-Dejesusarchitecture; Benjamin Denniscomputer and network system administration. Nicholas Diodatoelectrical work and maintenance. Davan Dorseybusiness administration; James Doonheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Allison Eldridgegraphic communication and printing. braden emerlingelectromechanical (mechatronics); Gustavo Espinosaresidential remodeling; Mitchell FoleyEngineering Computer Aided Design. Madison Fullerfurniture making; Mustafa Hamedheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Kaung Hanarchitecture; David Herrmetalworking and welding. Reagan Hollenbaugharchitecture; Trinh Huynhresidential remodeling; Paul Jakowskibusiness administration; Jordan Jacquez,Electricity; Juliana Johncollision repair; Anthony Kellercomputer software engineering; Brian Keffert,Electricity; Jordan Kiblerheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Adam Luederselectromechanical (mechatronics); Michael Mancinielectromechanical (mechatronics); Samira Martinez Borrellelectrical work and maintenance. Ian McCoyresidential remodeling; Joshua Mendoza,Electricity; Ashly Monclus Mejiabusiness administration; Logan Monroeheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Joshua Montanes,welding; james myerswater and the environment. Miguel Nieves,Automobile; Brian Pearsonelectrical work and maintenance. Cesarina Peguerobusiness administration; Jesus Peres,Automobile; Juvante Perkins,Electricity; Hazel Farrarchitecture; Bryan Plaza,Automobile; Francisco Squareheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Julio Poche Edmedecomputer software engineering; Safiya Purcellbusiness administration; Lachlan Robertson,Electricity; Kyler Rodriguezmetalworking and welding. Zulmarie Rodriguez Maderaresidential remodeling; Eric Rosa Martinez,Automobile; Colleen Rossmetalworking and welding. Rafael Lewisarchitecture; Evan Sandbergheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Eshton Souderfurniture making; Elizabeth Shellwater and the environment. Lennon Schenberger,welding; Emory Smithheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Mackenzie Snow,welding; Nicolaus Staufferheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Cameron Strosserwater and the environment. Devonte Thomasheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Mariah Toomeycomputer and network system administration. bobby valentineheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Alberto Vargasgraphic communication and printing. Timothy Bercowwater and the environment. Daniel Vidalmetalworking and welding. Tyler Weisscomputer and network system administration. Daniel Yates,Electricity; Matthew Ziemerheating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Landisville — Eric Shannonwater and the environment.

Leola — Ryan Allen,Piping; Hudson Grahamelectronics; Isaac Graham,Automobile; Matthew Hoyelectronics; Frida Mejiaresidential remodeling; Joshua Protielectronics; Azaria Riveraarchitecture; Emily Zimmermanwater and the environment.

Lincoln University — Antonio Vallettaelectronics; Liam Cook,Piping; Gabriel Currancomputer software engineering; Jeremy Weavercarpentry.

Lititz — Jeffrey Braggmetalworking and welding. Brian Burchettcomputer software engineering; Logan Bouchonmetalworking and welding. Miranda Droshcomputer and network system administration. Joseph Formicametalworking and welding. Bird Gaddisbusiness administration; Traitan George,welding; Samuel Hush,Automobile; Spencer Heffleycomputer software engineering; Brett Martincomputer and network system administration. James Martincomputer integrated processing. Wesley Martinelectromechanical (mechatronics); Andrew Mattcomputer software engineering; Brandon Millercarpentry; Colin Millermetalworking and welding. Nicholas Millerheating, ventilation and air conditioning; connor minichelectronics; Quintin Lawler,Automobile; Alexander Sensenigmetalworking and welding.

Mannheim — John Daleycomputer integrated processing. Jordan Keener,welding; Reese Martinelectromechanical (mechatronics); Sarah Petzelectromechanical (mechatronics); Michaela Reganwater and the environment. Desten Littlearchitecture; hunter wintersmetalworking and welding. David Jungling,Electricity.

Marietta — Christopher Dasenzometalworking and welding. Eric Ramirez,Automobile.

Maytown — Tyler Beasleyelectronics.

Middletown — Dylan Bacharikhousing renovation.

Millersville — taylor longheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Benjamin Witmerhousing renovation.

Monthon — Kyle Harriselectromechanical (mechatronics); Mason Yetzicomputer integrated processing. Derek Clockcomputer integrated processing. Christopher Raabcarpentry; William Shaws,welding.

Mount Joy — Aaron Baileycarpentry; Brandon Bacciuscarpentry; Ian Coxwater and the environment. Adam D’Agostinographic communication and printing. tanner crawl,welding; Zachary Reedcarpentry; Benjamin McCainfurniture making; Thomas Rosamelelectromechanical (mechatronics); Josiah Wareelectronics.

mountville — Joseph Gilisaarchitecture; Kendra Weisswater and the environment.

Narvon — Justin Norwood,welding.

New Holland — Dylan Wagnergraphic communication and printing.

New Providence — Joel Brenchleycomputer and network system management.

Nottingham — Liam Donahue,Electricity; Willem Greer,Piping; Easton Hendricksoncomputer integrated processing.

Oxford – Kevin Stackhousefurniture making; Alicia Toreroelectrical work and maintenance.

paradise — Noah Feistercomputer integrated processing.

Parksburg — Jordan Grove-Butler,Electricity; Jared Copax,Piping; Michael Rudisilcomputer and network system management.

Peach Bottom — Daniel Alsoff,Electricity; Ethan BaddickEngineering Computer Aided Design. Andrew Lauarchitecture.

Quarryville — Jackson Hazel,Automobile; Harry Mulroney,Automobile; Joshua Samplemetalworking and welding. Adam YoderEngineering Computer Aided Design.

Reamstown — Colby Knollelectromechanical (mechatronics).

reins — Michael Buttsmetalworking and welding.

Ronks — Aliza HoweComputer Software Engineering.

Stevens — Aramis Melendez-FloresEngineering Computer Aided Design.

Strasburg — Grace Hessbusiness administration; Timothy Martin,Piping; Grayden Petersheim,Electricity; Mason Rushheating, ventilation and air conditioning; Ethan Souderbusiness administration; Gwen Spottsmetalworking and welding.

Tele Hill — caleb shorts,Electricity.

Washingtonboro — Jared Musserheating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Yanagi-dori — Jared Harveyresidential remodeling; Mark Hudson,Electricity; Kenneth Rice,welding; Tyler Schwebelgraphic communication and printing.

Wrightsville — Shane CarberryEngineering Computer Aided Design. Braden Flinchbowmetalworking and welding. Edward McKinney,welding.

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