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TerraZero Technologies, Inc. Teams Up with Global Superstar and Entrepreneur J Balvin to Deploy Second Activation of Miller Lite to Decentraland

Miller Lite’s ‘Meta Lite Bar’ is the first brand-hosted bar in the Metaverse (CNW Group/TerraZero Technologies Inc.).

  • TerraZero Studio is rolling out Miller Lite’s second fully interactive bar experience in collaboration with global superstar and entrepreneur J Balvin.

  • Users can collect Miller Lite x J Balvin Bodegawear wearables.

  • Miller Lite Leverages Previous Activations to Double the Potential of Metaverse Engagement and Activation

  • The existence of Miller Lite is evolving community building and social engagement in the metaverse.

Vancouver, British Columbia, August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“terra zero” or “Company“) presents a second activation from Miller Lite’s ( “Meta Lite Bar” in collaboration with world-famous music sensation J Balvin of Decentraland ( I will announce.

With this activation, after a successful Big Game Day activation in February 2022, TerraZero is bringing back the Miller Lite Meta Lite Bar for another experience. This time it’s J Balvin, a global sensation. This activation is a significant mile for the Metaverse as it is social proof that major brands like Miller Lite can find added value and increase audience engagement through the Metaverse through repeated deployments of virtual builds. Stone.

Prototypical marketing campaigns spend a lot of overhead on one-time activation, but the Metaverse allows Mirror Light to build an engaging and immersive experience using the Meta Light Bar and then It provides an opportunity to generate long-tail value by bringing back to the activation of Costs are streamlined and engagement increases over time.

Savvy brands like Miller Lite know that the Metaverse offers both rarity and longevity. A single activation can increase interest suspension in a short period of time. The same build and experience can then be brought back at a later date with the call and command of the brand.TerraZero knows the power this gives to the brand. As such, his in-house studio designs experiences that deliver on his short-term and long-term KPIs underscored by actionable analytics.

This revitalization also brings the brand’s identity to life in ways that marketing campaigns can become a space for socialization, community building, and fandom for both the brand itself and artist partners like J Balvin. increase.

For J Balvin, known for his ever-evolving approach to fan engagement, Bar Takeover connects artists and fans through an interactive experience in a way that’s more immersive and engaging than music alone. Meta His Light His bar experience allows fans to claim a unique wearable for their avatar that represents J Balvin’s personal look and style. From clothing and accessories to vibrant rainbow hair, the Meta Lite Bar makes it possible. These wearables will be worn by avatars during their adventures in the Metaverse and showcase how Miller Lite continues to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging a world that combines technology and entertainment with a consumer-based approach to marketing and promotion. is showing.

The future of Meta Lite Bar is bright. Use your bar as a place for virtual performances by other artists, or as a place to hang out during sporting events, attracting fans from all over the world through the Metaverse.

TerraZero Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Brandon F. Johnson & Chief Metaverse Officer (CMO), Ryan Kiefer Miller Lite is an innovator in CPG and now considers the entertainment space. “The truth is that the Meta Lite Bar could be anything Miller Lite wanted. There is an unprecedented opportunity to create engagement with brands like Miller Lite, and their relationship with us. Miller and Molson Coors Nothing but outstanding. “

Players were able to dive into the “Meta Lite Bar x J Balvin” experience launched in Decentraland at July 26th to August 2nd, 2022.

About Terrazero Technologies

TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“terra zero“) is a vertically integrated metaverse development group and a leading Web 3.0 technology company dedicated to helping brands create immersive experiences. is to develop and implement products and services using commercial applications to drive engagement across enterprise gamified experiences.Level Business, the Metaverse Platform, and Web3 Creators are committed to the virtual and physical world efforts TerraZero owns digital real estate for brands to establish a presence in the existing virtual world, giving brands their own private world. It can also provide offices and services to people interested in the Metaverse. Additionally, TerraZero acquires, designs, builds, and operates virtual assets and solutions to monetize the Metaverse ecosystem. Our business is divided into five divisions, including: creating immersive experiences in existing or private ate virtual worlds: (2) advertising; (3) data analytics;(4) events and marketing. (5) Infrastructure.TerraZero aims to support the community, foster innovation, and foster adoption.For more information, please visit or write to Please contact us.

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