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Temperature Control – Every Temperature Matters: Retech Innovation Highlights Filament Manufacturing Expertise

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Meisterschwanden, Switzerland — August 10, 2022 — Painting fibers to perfection is a simple goal for Retech. However, in order to achieve this for our customers, we require advanced technology in temperature transmitters, monitoring devices, and controllers to enable precise thermal management of quality products while protecting the investment in machinery. is required.

Accurate temperature measurement and control is a basic requirement for a ‘perfect’ fiber and absolutely essential for a high performance yarn. Retech has the technology to ensure the ideal temperature and control every aspect of it, even for the most demanding applications.

All Retech developments are the result of comprehensive research and hands-on expertise. Three innovations for godet roll temperature control are typical. They are accurate, reliable, easy to handle, durable, support Industry 4.0 and secure the client’s investment. No other godet roll manufacturer can match these sophisticated and smart temperature control solutions.

Technology for ultimate temperature accuracy

Temperature transmitters are mainly applied in multi-zone heating godet rolls. They work by contactless inductive data transmission. A temperature module sends a rotational temperature signal to a stationary receiver. Retech temperature transmitters are proven to operate in the harshest electromagnetic environments. Contamination, high ambient temperatures, and aging do not affect temperature measurement accuracy.

Retech’s temperature measurement with godet rolls is based on a co-rotating sensor fork (which means a PT100 temperature measuring element and a temperature transmitter rotor). The sensor fork, its electronics and control unit have undergone a recent revolution. Modern electronic and new materials compensate for disturbing influences that can falsify the measurement signal. This change means that the measurement signal only depends on the accuracy of the PT100 element in use. Retech applies his PT100 elements of the highest standards and DIN standards. During production, all sensor forks are individually calibrated to ensure the highest accuracy. A single calibration offers additional advantages compared to measuring the entire godet roll. In the rare event of a failure, the affected sensor fork can be quickly replaced without the need for godet calibration.

The second feature fully guarantees the temperature data. Measurements are transmitted contactlessly to the fixed part of the godet roll. This prevents contamination and wear from affecting the measurement data.

A safe way to Industry 4.0

For perfect data security, Retech offers UTL monitoring devices that analyze data and integrate it into communication protocols. Benefit from the ability to visualize and control temperature values ​​for each zone, bearing, and inductor through the host system, providing a comprehensive view of all temperature aspects. UTL guides filament yarn producers towards Industry 4.0.

The combination of temperature transmitters and UTL monitoring equipment creates a unique safety system. It controls all relevant temperature aspects and allows appropriate action in the event of deviations.

Generally, the transmitter measures the temperature of the godet rolls in individual heating zones. Godets typically have up to four heating zones. An important part of the safety system is the sensor fork for temperature measurement. That modified electronics now has six PT100 values. In addition to the heated zones, two additional channels can be used to measure the bearing temperature (front and rear bearings) for more comprehensive control. Additionally, the inductor temperature can be measured and monitored. This temperature is integrated into the measurement circuit via UTL. If the inductor temperature exceeds a critical level (individually defined threshold), the heating process is immediately interrupted or inductor cooling is enabled to protect the system. Critical conditions can be identified early and damage prevented. The service life of godet rolls is greatly extended.

From control to self-optimization

Self-optimization is the main advantage of combining the system with the UCR-6 temperature control unit. The UCR-6 independently monitors and regulates up to 6 different temperature zones on the godet roll. Equipped with a completely new control algorithm, the unit compensates for the losses in the heating zone and thus achieves the most efficient energy consumption.

The UCR-6 continuously collects and analyzes data from the mains frequency so it can correctly switch solid-state relays for resistive and inductive loads. The control unit can communicate with the PLC via Profibus or RS-485 protocols. Users appreciate the additional visualization of values ​​and settings on the integrated controller display.

Retech’s new generation of UTR temperature transmitters and UCR temperature controllers are the pinnacle of current technological developments. They make a big leap towards self-optimizing the entire godet system in a way that ensures a long service life and protects the equipment. Overall, it optimizes the production process and significantly improves the yarn quality.

The next stage in the evolution of this field will introduce more IoT options. It is currently in development at Retech and ready for launch at ITMA 2023.

Posted on: August 10, 2022

Source: RETECH Aktiengesellschaft