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Baby boomers may recall Neil Young’s album Rust Never Sleeps from the late 1970s. The title track is “Hey, Hey, My, My”. If so, you might also recall the distortion-filled guitar track that backs up Young’s wailing.Hey, hey, my, my Rock and roll never dies.

If this rock history reference doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. Because the title of Young’s album reminded us of a similar truism. “Technology never sleeps”. In fact, technology doesn’t take long. napit delivers power in minutes, days and years.

Technology never sleeps, but technology stock I do sometimes.

We’ve seen evidence of this in the wavering technology sector. Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK)The S&P 500, which tracks the performance of major technology stocks, is down 15% from its all-time high reached late last year.

But technology stocks, fueled by the sheer power of technology itself, always “wake up.”

And when they do, I hope you’re ready for it…

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dreamy power trend

As one case study of tech stocks in secular stagnation, Nokia Ltd(knock).

The company’s technological progress never slept, but its stock spent more time dozing than house cats. In fact, the company’s stock today isn’t as high as it was a decade ago.

But now that the company has (finally) had impressive earnings growth, the stock seems to be waking up again. Nasdaq Composite has fallen 10% of his in the meantime, while Nokia’s stock has risen 25% of his over the past 15 months.

Much of Nokia’s recent revenue growth stems from the ‘never sleeping’ advances in its communications network…

We are talking about 5G.

On July 21, the company reported a “surprisingly” strong second quarter, with strong North American demand for 5G infrastructure and technology.

Importantly, combined revenue from Nokia’s two largest divisions, mobile networks and network infrastructure, increased 14.5% year-on-year. This outstanding performance allowed Nokia to boost its operating profit by 16.5% year-on-year.

These solid results have prompted Wall Street analysts to erase previous earnings estimates and write higher expectations. According to the latest consensus figures, Nokia will earn about $0.44 per share this year and up to $0.50 per share in 2023. At these profitability levels, it would sell for 12 times its profit this year and 10 times its profit next year.

Commenting on the second quarter results on the earnings call, CEO Pekka Lundmark said:

[W]We continue to see strong investment trends in connectivity, especially 5G and fiber deployments. These investments are critical for many of our customers to address the increased data consumption and need for increased productivity enabled by networks… [W]Looking at what we’re seeing today…and what we’ve heard from our customers, the plans for 2023 look pretty strong.

During the conference call, Lundmark also reiterated that the 5G boom is still in its early stages…

We have to remember that some countries and regions have not yet rolled out 5G. Global penetration of both fiber and his 5G remains low, with the exception of China. For his 5G sites globally, it’s about 15%, and even some of the more advanced markets are less than 25%. [T]This does not mean that it is immune to the macroeconomic cycle… [But] The underlying… long-term trends should stay there for quite some time…

Among the overall 5G market, the Nokia team is particularly optimistic about the growth potential of the enterprise market. In other words, private networks for businesses and government agencies.

The enterprise market currently contributes only 7% of Nokia’s total revenue. But the company expects that percentage to balloon into his double digits in the next few years.

From Landmark again…

[O]On the corporate side, corporate investment is certainly accelerating…and, as we have said many times, the potential of digitizing a company or industry is still only partially captured. And this is what we expect to become a global megatrend…

Nokia’s enterprise customer roster has surged 170% from 180 to 485 over the past two years.

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pleasant awakening

Clearly, boom time has arrived at Nokia headquarters. But the company’s recent success certainly didn’t change overnight. Nothing.

Over the past 20 years, Nokia has invested approximately $5 billion annually to create and/or maintain competitive advantage. Its massive multi-year investments have produced a long list of patents and valuable licensing deals, but have not produced the type of revenue and profit growth the company hoped to achieve…until recently.

But now that the 5G mega-boom is underway, Nokia is finally beginning to reap the fruits of its long research and development efforts.

As this new reality becomes more and more apparent to investors, Nokia’s stock should start attracting a much more die-hard fan base…and gaining a much higher valuation.

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