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Technology Brings Efficiency to Medicine Delivery Labmate Online

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University of Glasgow spin-out Acu-Flow wins £1m grant from Innovate UK to advance development of nebulizer technology that uses groundbreaking surface acoustic wave technology to deliver drugs to the lungs of patients I’m here.

One of 17 projects funded by the Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst programme, the grant will support the Acu-Flow team over the next two years with research partners at the University of Glasgow and NIHR Devices for Dignity Med-tech Co- We support. Develop a fully integrated nebulizer ready for large-scale manufacturing.

Current devices have limited ability to nebulize different types of formulations while controlling the aerosol droplet size within an optimal range for efficient inhaled drug delivery. To compensate for this, patients may have to use the nebulizer for longer periods of time (up to 6 times a day for 20 minutes) than they are comfortable.

The company’s Nebu~Flow technology is based on the delivery of droplets from a wide range of formulations, including novel nanomedicine and vaccines, to reach the patient’s lungs with maximum therapeutic efficacy, thus reducing dosage delivery times. .

Dr. Elijah Nazarzadeh, CEO and co-founder of Acu-Flow Ltd. Bringing innovative, potentially life-changing technologies to market.

“Respiratory diseases are the world’s largest cause of disability and death. Collectively, they place a significant burden on global health services. We have come to recognize the importance of new treatments for alleviation.”

“While treatments for some of these diseases have advanced significantly in recent years, there are still significant challenges to overcome in efficiently delivering drugs directly to the lungs of patients. , which not only improves the amount of drug reaching the lungs, but also enables new drug formulations and helps pharmaceutical companies develop the next generation of life-changing treatments.

Company co-founder Professor Jonathan Cooper of the James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow added:

“In addition to the patient benefits, the Acu-Flow method significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with respiratory disease and strives to achieve net zero, making it a sustainable healthcare alternative.” It helps you contribute to your sexual goals.”

As part of the project, NIHR Devices for Dignity will demonstrate the efficacy of the nebulizer and also collect data to ensure the design is fit for purpose. They will collect evidence from patients and families to better understand how new nebulizer technologies can help individuals improve adherence to their medication schedules and other aspects of living with respiratory disease.

said Professor Wendy Tindale, Clinical Director of NIHR Devices for Dignity. As a co-creative effort, the voice of the patient is heard and integrated into the design. ”

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