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Taking care of business at Gardiner

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During the normal summer months when local government activity slows down a bit, several small towns in our area scale back their local government meeting schedules slightly to accommodate officials’ vacation plans. was one of them for a long time, with the Town Board meeting only once instead of twice in July and August.

However, these are far from normal times and in recent years local authorities have had so many problems and projects that the pandemic has hampered progress. So instead of his two in August, the Gardiner Town Board has him three full-scale meetings. An additional “special meeting” is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00 pm to be attended by legal counsel and to fully respond to Lazy River Resorts, LLC’s application for the creation of a Campground Water District and Special Use Permit. dedicate yourself to The Lazy River/Yogi Bear Campground’s hearing phase ended in July after months of controversy.

Gardiner City Hall Approves Cell Phone Base Station

The August 2nd meeting will be a “special meeting” to finalize the Town Board’s role in approving the Special Use Permit (SUP), amending the lease agreement with Wireless Edge Towers II, LLC, and extending the “shot clock.” was also specified. Based on a tolling agreement that expires at the end of the month. Only Congressman Carol Richman voted against it, so the committee finally approved the construction of a wireless tower on the grounds of the Town Highway Garage at 630 South Mountain Road.

Questions about lease agreements and SUP terms were resolved and cell tower heights were limited to 110 feet. This does not include the additional 10 feet required to accommodate a municipal “whip” antenna. The approval included a long list of other conditions requested by the board. This includes submission of regular compliance reports, signage and lighting parameters, measures taken for ice management and sound attenuation, and some additional annotations added to the site plan. setting. Full details of the final agreement, including all Town Board findings on the application, can be found at

The Gardiner Planning Commission’s August 16th agenda includes consideration of approval of the Wireless Edge Site Plan. This paves the way for her Marybeth Majestic, the town administrator, to sign all the contracts, starting the project 30 days after her vote on the town board.

An easement has a manager. Gardiner’s Day set for October 1st

At its regular meeting on August 9, the Town Board authorized the Supervisors to enter into a land management agreement between the Wallkill Valley Land Trust and the town of Gardiner. This will allow for the first time regular monitoring of conservation easements donated to townships.

The Board also approved an application by the Gardiner Day Committee for a mass gathering permit to hold the 2022 event at Majestic Park on Saturday, October 1. There will be no Gardiner Day activities on Main Street this year.

Volunteers are needed to plan and run events. Interested parties should contact Jewell Turner. jturner.tog@gmail.comFor more information on Gardiner Day 2022, please visit: