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Study: Disruption frustration threatens travel intentions

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A new survey from travel management firm Egencia found that many business travelers this year have been affected by air travel delays, cancellations and other issues plaguing airlines around the world, with nearly half , said they would prefer to cancel future trips rather than deal with more. confusion.

Staffing and supply chain issues are plaguing airlines around the world, leading to flight delays and cancellations, and even causing airport capacity caps and sales restrictions in Europe. About 73% of the trips of his 750 business travelers from the U.S., U.K. and France surveyed this year by Egencia and Censuswide traveled at least three times a year for business and suffered some kind of disruption. rice field.

Some of those travelers have had enough. While 94% of respondents say they see the benefits of returning to work, 49% of those surveyed would rather cancel upcoming trips than deal with flight disruptions. is shown.

Egencia President Mark Holyhead told BTN at the Global Business Travel Association conference in San Diego on Monday: “You may have had it in Denver in November, but you didn’t have it as a general belief about my plans for a business trip.

Some people who still intend to fly are taking steps to reduce the chances of them facing flight problems. About 46% of those surveyed said they booked early morning flights as a way to avoid delays and cancellations, and 40% said they avoid certain airlines and airports to minimize disruption. I was.

“You’re more likely to book a flight early in the morning because of your outlook on what’s going to happen,” says Holyhead, “because it’s more guaranteed than waiting until the end of the day.” Most travelers typically schedule flights based on meeting plans or business needs, but “if I index my own life, I might get where I need to be.” Check out the highest.Sometimes it’s a very different lens of business travel.”

Hollyhead suggests that most companies today aren’t being tough on travelers about scheduling around potential disruptions, even at the extra cost.

Egencia’s parent company, American Express Global Business Travel, has announced a suite of tools to help travel managers and travelers manage flight disruptions. He, 74% of Egencia survey respondents, said he is more likely to use tech tools “such as apps and virtual agents” than before. Pandemic.

Holyhead said, “People have the confidence defined by the tools you give me to do the job and the ability to pick up the phone or use the tools to keep me on track.” I am looking for a mixture of knowledge.

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