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(WSVN) – She’s starting a small business that inspires young children at school. That’s good, but what do you do to keep your business on track and protect yourself?That’s why one would-be entrepreneur reached out to her Help Me Howard and Patrick Fraser.

Yvette has been a teacher for 25 years, but it wasn’t just a teaching job.

Yvette Thomas: “I love children. I love teaching.

When she retired, she continued to mentor students in need of assistance.

But with children heading to school every day, Yvette still has a desire to inspire them in the classroom.

Yvette Thomas: “I wanted to create inspiring t-shirts that would inspire kids.”

Then she put together a slogan for young children.

Yvette Thomas: “My top favorites are ‘Never give up, keep trying’ and ‘Bullying, not cool’. Another says ‘I’m loved’.”

Then Yvette turned to backpacks and dreamed of good things Slogan could do in elementary school.

Yvette Thomas: “Can you imagine a school full of backpacks? Can you imagine children inspiring each other?”

She turned to a website that printed children’s shirts and backpacks, but the prices they had to charge were so high that Yvette said it took most of her profits away. rice field.

Yvette Thomas: “Yes, if the percentage needs to be reduced, I’m happy to take it.”

Although she won’t get rich, Yvette wants to enrich the minds of young students.

Yvette Thomas: “You don’t have to be next to Michael Jordan. Just be yourself. Be the best you can be.”

But her question is about herself: How can she and her small company be the best it can be?”


7News legal expert Howard Finkelstein said: This can help protect you and offset the costs. Then you need to put your website up, contact schools and spread the word via social media. ”

To incorporate her business, Yvette is able to hire a lawyer. Or she can do it herself. The state has a website for you.

Yvette sells t-shirts on her Etsy website.

Also, you can set up your own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to attract customers. You can use them to advertise your business. Yvette is now doing it to link customers to her website for shirts and backpacks.

Yvette Thomas: “I’m excited to be an entrepreneur.”

Yvette is excited to start her own company and, like all great entrepreneurs, she is confident.

Yvette Thomas: “A t-shirt motivates you, doesn’t it? ‘Never give up, keep trying.'”

Good luck Yvette, remember all businesses start small. Publix he had one store in 1930. Channel 7 first aired in July 1956.

Start small and start growing.

By the way, a link to incorporate your business or to see Yvette’s shirt and backpack is at the end of this Help Me Howard.

Did the problem make you shirtless? Don’t be irritated. We want to help you, so let’s get started with us.

In this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser of 7News.

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