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Slick Jamaica beats world champions to reach first-ever netball final

On their country’s Independence Day, Jamaica beat New Zealand 67-51 in the semi-finals to reach their first-ever Commonwealth Games final.

NEC’s netball arena belonged to Jamaica. Due to the popularity of Jamaica and the sport in particular, the venue was sold out before the 9am start. The feeling before the game was that Jamaica were too strong for New Zealand. So it was proven.

The Caribbean team is everyone’s favorite team, like Brazilian soccer players and West Indies cricketers. It’s easy to see why because of their ability and charisma.

There is something magical about this team. They have the ability, the mentality, the teamwork and the professionalism to win the gold medal against whoever they face in Sunday’s final.

In fact, the first quarter started with New Zealand having the first opportunity to score. They missed and the writing was on the wall.

Jamaican captain Jhaniele Fowler-Reid scored in the opener and literally took the game into his own hands. He led the team as his leader achieved his 100% shooting record, scoring 54 times and never going missing.

No matter what New Zealand did, they were second in every match. The quarter ended 18-9 for him, with the Caribbean outfit rampant and already in turmoil.

The moment of the start of the 2nd quarter reproduced the 1st quarter. Jamaica was all over their opponents like a rash, with every team member playing their part with discipline and talent.

At half-time, Jamaica took pole position, leading 36-22 and almost out of sight.

New Zealand were sent off early in the third quarter, but it didn’t go well, but Fowler Reed scored within seconds to further dampen the black women’s enthusiasm.

Jamaica managed the game very well. One time it was an exhibit by the yellow team. If this had been a boxing match it would have been called off to save NZ from further punishment.

A Jamaica display tells the story of players like Fowler Reid and Shamela Sterling playing netball in Australia.

That said, a poor New Zealand team should not be inferior to a top-notch Jamaican team with all the tools to win a gold medal.

The third quarter ended 52-35 and the Jamaican fans, and to be fair everyone else in the arena, were in absolute awe of Fowler’s dominant team. Despite their lead, Fowler-Reid continued to lead the team to success with gestures.

And of course Fowler opened the scoring again in the final 15 minutes of action. She was subbed alongside Sterling with minutes left, and the two were deservedly applauded for their jaw-dropping display.

Speaking ahead of the tournament, Ama Agbez, who led England to a netball gold medal on the Gold Coast in 2018, said: The Voice:

“Birmingham feels like Jamaica’s second home. They trained here when London 2012 was held. [in Birmingham]they have ties to the University of Birmingham.

Prediction: England Netball Commonwealth Games gold medalist Ama Agbese

“The way Africa and the Caribbean help is noise and energy and color, and when you’re playing you thrive on that energy alone, so it feels like it’s Jamaica’s time.

“Jamaica can be very hot and very cold, and sometimes you never know which Jamaica will come out. But Jamaica cannot be taken lightly.”

It doesn’t matter who Jamaica faces in the final. Gold seems to be their destiny.