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Sierra Leone club 91-1 under investigation, possible promotion

Gulf FC headlined the world after winning 91-1 in Sierra Leone last month

Sierra Leone’s second-division football club will be allowed to play in the promotion play-offs under investigation for allegedly manipulating the match to a 91-1 record.

Gulf FC have qualified for the Super 10 phase of the league after defeating Coquima Lebanon 3-0.

A meeting between the respective clubs last month made world headlines after Kono base Gulf beat rival Coquima by 90 points Rangers from Kenama defeated Rumbev United 95-0.

These two results were voided due to allegations of match manipulation, forcing the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to open an investigation.

The four teams involved were suspended by the Eastern Region FA (ERFA), an affiliate of the game’s organizer SLFA.

However, the ban was lifted by ERFA last Thursday based on the findings of the Regulatory Commission’s findings, which have yet to be made public.

SLFA president Thomas Daddy Brimma told BBC Sport Africa: “Based on reports we have received from ERFA, we have authorized a replay of the match in time for the calendar.”

“But that by no means means that we have solved the case. We will send FIFA and the Caf (Confederation of African Football) to look at it and advise accordingly.

“I can confirm that Gulf FC will be allowed to participate in Super 10.”

Brima has also questioned the match’s scoreline, which he said would be virtually impossible even if the SLFA included the score in its press statement.

“No one is taking this seriously, especially after I explain and people understand that scoring 90 goals in 90 minutes is impossible for anyone, by any standards.” he added.

SLFA said it would investigate players and officials from all four clubs involved, designated match officials and ERFA.

Nonetheless, Gulf FC continue to search for a place in the West African nation’s Premier League next season and will face Ramboy FC in their first match in the Super 10 on Saturday.

Kahunla Rangers chief executive Eric Keitel last month accused his team and three other clubs on social media and said he would set up his own commission to investigate his team.

“I would like to assure you that I strongly condemn such unsportsmanlike conduct displayed by my team and other teams involved,” said Keitel.

The match was ‘sanctioned’

Meanwhile, there are conflicting accounts within the ERFA as to whether the July match, which scored a total of 187 goals, was officially sanctioned.

ERFA president Prince Sakhi, who is also on the SLFA’s executive committee, said the games don’t count as far as he’s concerned.

Sakhi told BBC Sport Africa, “Due to bad weather, inadequate security and enough time for a 90-minute match, we did not allow this match.”

“I spoke with the match officials. [and said] The match could not be advanced and as a result the match was postponed. I submitted a report to SLFA. ”

However, the match claimed by Sakhi claimed the results were annulled and not sanctioned by the ERFA, leading to the suspension of the four teams involved.

In a statement on 3 August, the ERFA said: “Following the unprecedented and unacceptable performances of Kahunla Rangers, Rumbev United, Gulf FC and Coquima Lebanon on Sunday, the ERFA has immediately annulled both matches. ‘ said.

“SLFA will work with ERFA to set up an independent Commission of Inquiry to investigate this unfortunate situation.”

“Following the nullification of matches played in Kenema and Kono, the four clubs whose player and official names were on their team sheets by suspending all football activity in all categories in the region. , I’m here.Soon.

“Investigations into the conduct of these matches are now enabled by ERFA/SLFA.”

Meanwhile, the agency’s media department has provided live updates of the two games on social media, with the headline ‘ERFA Super 10 League Midweek/Weekend Matches’ followed by team names, dates, venues and kick-off times. Did.

The update came to a halt when Gulf FC were leading 10–1 in the 55th minute and Kahunla was leading 5–0 in the 60th minute.

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