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Seeking startups to jointly develop business models for technology applied to manufacturing

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Plagaty X Invite Internationally for partnerships of start-ups with innovative technologies focused on construction to reduce Guatemala’s housing deficit.

Registration is open until today, August 14th, allowing entrepreneurs to join a program that aims to make the construction sector more efficient and sustainable through disruptive materials, solutions and technologies alongside startups.

This is the fourth edition of Progresso X’s annual Global Open Innovation Exponential Changemakers program, and invitations to participate are open internationally.

Guatemala’s Urban Agenda estimates that the country will have a predominantly urban population (75%) in 2032. The specific case of Guatemala City further reflects this migration flow from rural areas, with an annual growth rate of 2%. Therefore, the demand for housing and urban services will also increase rapidly.

This year, Progresso’s corporate accelerator, Progresso X, will focus its partnerships on startups focused on meeting the challenges of creative solutions and developing buildings and cities according to the possibilities each sector represents. decided to squeeze. Promote development. , help reduce housing shortages and increase the efficiency of related services (water, energy efficiency, solid waste).

According to data from Anakovy (2021), a total housing deficit of 2.2 million households is estimated, of which 20% is deficit-quantitative deficit and the remaining 80% is due to lack of housing. Among them, access to basic services – a qualitative deficit -.

“Progreso is committed to the development of the countries and communities in which we operate and believes in the human talent and initiative that the youth and professionals of the union can present to us in this challenge, and they is open to register and participate. Exponential Changemakers is an opportunity for startups to apply their experience, knowledge and building skills to help them relentlessly tackle this situation,” said Eric Melgar, Progresso X General Manager. is commenting.

Exponential Changemaker 2022

Progresso X aims to create, design and realize disruptive ideas for the benefit of the world through sustainability-based initiatives through joint innovation between Progresso, startups and their ecosystem. organized by Startup groups participating in this program must provide solutions to the following challenges:

  1. Design process: From concept to construction plan, we identify the design process for real estate projects to enable more agile, sustainable and efficient construction and increase production capacity.
  2. Manufacturing system: Discover a new manufacturing system focused on efficiency, sustainability and flexibility. Challenge our manufacturing method and increase production capacity.
  3. Operational management: Embed data-driven solutions that optimize supply chain and construction site supply operations management with the aim of reducing communications, delivery times, costs and mitigating risk.

who will participate?

Startups consist of start-ups that build a business model based on technology applied to manufacturing, solve one of the established challenges, and fit one or more use cases with at least two years of operation. This invitation is open to startups around the world.


Startup registration closes today, August 14th. Interested parties can check all the information and register at,

A panel of judges will select 10 influential startups. Representatives from each of the 10 selected startups will have the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to attend a demoday and bootcamp. Demo Day will be held on his October 11th and will provide an opportunity for representatives from each startup to give presentations on their technology.

This will be followed by a bootcamp, a three-day experience starting October 12th, where each delegate will receive advice from Progresso’s business innovation coaches and program to optimize their expert-provided solutions. workshops and discussions on the issues of for company needs.

in the meantime Last pitch date, Each representative will pitch again with Progresso and propose a joint development model. We will select three startups with excellent proposal capabilities and conduct joint development of a pilot (innovation loop).