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Scott turns his editing skills into a business

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CHILLICOTHE – Even at a young age she knew what she wanted to do.

“I had a very blessed and busy childhood,” recalls Kendra Scott. “I played a lot of sports and was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA, our small country church, and joined several other organizations. Of course, I wanted to be a jockey ( (until I got too tall) and a professional volleyball player. But realistically, I was interested in becoming a journalist of some sort.

“I always enjoyed reading,” she continued. “But I have come to criticize everything I read, from published books to soup can labels. and my business friends asked me for advice and so on.”

“I realized I needed proofreading and editing,” she summarized. “I think it’s an important and overlooked part of written presentations.

Today, Scott runs a Chillicothe-based business called iRedPen.

“I write marketing content for businesses. I edit copy for businesses and individuals and proofread the final copy of written material.”