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Ryan Giggs trial: Ex-footballer's ex-girlfriend says staged photos were to 'take back control' | Football News

Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend denied she staged a newspaper photo after he allegedly headbutted him to “turn the public against him.”

PR executive Kate Greville, 36, has arranged for a Manchester Criminal Court to photograph media personnel walking her dog on a country road because she wants them off her doorstep. said.

She claims the former Manchester United footballer grabbed her by the shoulder, looked her in the eyes and headbutted her at her home in Worsley, Greater Manchester on November 1, 2020.

A juror in Giggs’ trial, 48, said an article Sun The Nov. 16 newspaper carried a photo and article titled “Hell on earth. Ryan Giggs’ ex bruised on first outing since Welsh manager’s arrest for assault.”

A week ago, on November 10th, a friend sent her a message.

Ms. Greville replied, “You can take pictures and make money for both of us. What do you think?”

The friend said, “I think so.”

Greville replied, “We got 5K.”

A friend said: “And kit our new apartment.”

Mr. Greville replied, “I’m thinking more to cover the legal costs (laughs).”

Three days later her friend wrote:

“We need to sell more stories,” Greville said.

Petitioner went on to send a link to her friend. Sun paper.

She tells her, “It sucks, but I look rough, so I look less directed.”

“Honestly, I think it’s a good thing that I look ****,” Greville wrote.

Under cross-examination, Chris Daw QC, representing Giggs, asked, “But it was staged, wasn’t it?”

Mr. Greville replied, “Yes, I have.”

“Were you prepared to release a fully choreographed photo, deliberately trying to make it look like something happened to you?” Doe said.

“No, I’m not talking about injuries,” Greville said.

“You were effectively trying to tell the whole world a completely false story,” Daw said.

Greville replied:

“Obviously I was injured and I wanted to show them the reality, but it’s the photographers and the press who come to my door two or three times a day to take pictures of me.” It was to stop the institution.

“He was trying to turn his back on Mr. Giggs,” Mr. Doe said.

Ms. Greville replied, “I wanted to control the first picture, but they continued to harass me, so that was over.”

When asked if she used makeup to enhance her appearance for the photo shoot, Greville replied, “No.”

Mr Doe said:

Mr. Greville replied, “Not at all.”

Wales put manager Ryan Giggs on leave in November 2020 and appointed Rob Page as his replacement in June 2022.

Prosecutor Peter Wright QC asked Ms Greville: Sun paper? “

“No,” said Ms. Greville.

Mr. Wright said, “Have you ever been interviewed by anyone in the press?”

Mr. Greville replied, “No.”

Wright continued, “Have you ever tried to be interviewed by someone in the media?

“No,” she repeated.

Mr. Wright asked her: “Were you left alone?”

“No,” Mr. Greville said.

Mr. Wright said, “Did you sell the article to the press?”

Mr. Greville replied, “No.”

Mr. Wright asked, “Did you sell the pictures you took?”

Mr. Greville replied, “No.”

Wright asked, “Have you ever demanded payment?”

“No,” replied the witness.

Mr Wright said:

Mr. Greville replied, “No.”

She said in court that she voluntarily told police about the article.

Mr. Wright asked, “What was the purpose of staging that picture?”

“It was to stop the press from showing up at my doorstep. I was afraid to go out. I felt trapped and my mother and father were being harassed,” Greville said.

Between August 2017 and November 2020, Giggs exhibited controlling and intimidating behavior toward Ms. Greville, assaulting her, causing actual physical harm, and committing common assault on her sister. I deny having done it.