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Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO and Chief Hiveologist at Hiveologie, a division of Learning Library, Inc., has worked in the real estate e-learning space for nearly 25 years and now has a practical application designed for agents’ busy situations. We are creating a business building education module. schedule.

“We focus on real estate education, especially e-learning, but we have done pretty much everything that real estate should do. We’ve developed everything from our member orientation program to implementing a code of ethics management,” says Steinbrecher. A solution with integrated elements to help agents and brokers navigate market challenges and focus on business success.

Steinbrecher is currently working with ShelterZoom to develop a Web3.0 educational component designed to keep up with the changing technology landscape and highlight business opportunities.

Steinbrecher says: “ShelterZoom provides content that gives us a deeper understanding of available blockchain-based solutions.”

Designed for agents with varying experience in the blockchain space, the training program includes free resources, virtual and on-demand workshops, access to the Web3 real estate community, and a 6-hour crypto and blockchain bootcamp. included.

The partnership came about when Steinbrecher met Allen Alishahi, co-founder and president of ShelterZoom, with a shared commitment to educating agents to help them understand the transition.

“For the most part, ShelterZoom has a blockchain-based solution that, like us, is trying to become a leader in this space. To deliver something truly exciting to realtors.

“The most important thing for me is for agents to understand why this is important and why blockchain, cryptography and other Web3 technologies are changing the industry,” Steinbrecher said.

One of the most obvious examples revolves around smart contracts where things are more secure and people can share documents in very different ways. The marketing element of ShelterZoom will also be a big plus in that it will put the information in front of people who need the benefits that only blockchain can offer.

“At the core of this is a combination of proptech and fintech elements,” says Steinbrecher. “Our goal is to make this as relatable as possible to show agents that this isn’t actually that scary.”

Together, the team has created a series of free content assets (guides, infographics, instructional videos), all of which are available on the Hiveologie website.

“The next step is to create courses,” said Steinbrecher, starting with workshops available as on-demand or live virtual events and full crypto and blockchain bootcamps.

“We pull real-time data to help realtors learn as much as they can and support their learning process. We want to give people who don’t have the right information to help their businesses and enable them to create the right content in the next iteration,” concludes Steinbrecher.

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