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RC Technologies unveils Direct Air Capture technology to help governments and industries reach their decarbonization goals

NEW YORK, NY–(Newsfile Corp. – August 16, 2022)–U.S.-based RC Technologies is an advanced technology company designed to assist governments and industries around the world in their decarbonization efforts. Announced the launch of Direct Air Capture technology. The announcement is expected to help fight climate change by helping governments and industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions. RC Technologies is committed to contributing to the global climate action plan through advanced carbon capture technology. In addition to extracting carbon directly from the atmosphere, the company helps carbon emitting entities effectively remove greenhouse gases from sources such as coal and steel mills.

Scientists, environmental activists and civil society groups around the world are putting pressure on governments and business leaders to take necessary action against our growing carbon footprint. RC Technologies’ mission is to provide governments and businesses with effective technology solutions to achieve their goals of reducing carbon emissions. Its proprietary technology captures carbon directly from the air and converts it into high-value, eco-friendly products.

Direct Air Capture technology from RC Technologies is intended to help governments achieve their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). These are the commitments countries have agreed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as part of the consensus signed under the Paris Agreement. A senior RC Technologies official highlights the company’s technology: Become a game changer in government efforts to reduce carbon footprintWe also aim to help you meet your net zero carbon commitments efficiently and effectively.

“We are working with Mother Nature to restore balance. Done.We have a global solution to the world’s biggest problem.Our direct air recovery technology is highly efficient and designed to We can remove effect gas emissions quickly, safely and effectively.We are building meaningful relationships with governments and building a sustainable future for future generations,” said Raciel Castillo. I’m here. , founder of RC Technologies.

RC Technologies also aims to help the industry meet ESG compliance requirements. Investors are increasingly demanding her ESG compliance from business partners due to continued pressure from civil society and environmentalists. The SEC also cracks down on ESG compliance. Carbon capture technology from RC Technologies can provide companies with effective and rapid solutions. Their technology can be set up very quickly to meet the demands of industries such as coal power plants, steel mills, aviation, transportation, energy sector and big tech.

“We are ready to work with governments and industries around the world, especially with big tech companies and airlines, which are big emitters of carbon dioxide. We are helping them reduce their emissions by removing them directly from the technology, which is plug-and-play and ready to implement. , or require long-term construction. Not only for government and industry solutions, but also on an individual level, we have a responsibility to take responsibility for reducing emissions wherever possible. It can be built quickly and can immediately and effectively remove greenhouse gases on behalf of governments, industries and individuals around the world.”

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