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Ralph Nader targets Tesla's FSD technology

Tesla’s fully self-driving system has gone downhill Ralph Nader’s ferocious attack, The former presidential candidate and longtime auto safety advocate calls the introduction of the technology “one of the most dangerous and irresponsible actions by auto companies in decades.”

Ralph Nader’s tweet about Tesla.

Nader is one of the latest and most high-profile critics of the FSD and the original Tesla Autopilot system. The technology has been associated with dozens of crashes and malfunctions, and numerous deaths.

Now facing dozens of separate investigations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some observers say federal agencies could soon order a recall targeting hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles. thinking about.

“I am urging federal regulators to act immediately to prevent an increase in casualties from Tesla’s manslaughter with this technology,” Nader, 88, said in a statement.

Noting that NHTSA has repeatedly launched investigations into the original Autopilot system and the current fully self-driving system, Nader said the agency “must use its safety recall authority to force all Teslas to remove FSD technology.” there is.”

(Nader was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame, establishing himself among the giants of the industry.)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said an enhanced version of the FSD is coming.

Musk promises more advanced FSD this year reached out to Tesla for comment, but so far has not responded. The automaker no longer runs a media relations department and rarely comment on news requests unless CEO Elon Musk tweets. was not reacting.

But in recent weeks, Musk has promised an even more hardened version of the FSD that can truly operate without driver input by the end of the year. He also showed that it could be an important source of revenue for automakers.

Musk is currently costing buyers $12,000, which Musk calls the figure “absurdly low” and indicates that the price will go up once the next major update is implemented.

Autopilot linked to FSD, crashes and fatalities

However, many people want to prevent it. And a series of ongoing NHTSA investigations could prove to be a major roadblock for Tesla.

Model S fire truck crashes in California
Tesla’s Autopilot played a role in a collision with a parked fire engine on Interstate 405.

The latest was caused by Tesla Crashes in Alachua County, Florida, July 6The vehicle was reportedly using the automaker’s semi-autonomous technology when it suddenly veered off the highway and slammed into a parked tractor-trailer. A 66-year-old driver and a 67-year-old passenger died.

An investigation by NHTSA’s Special Crash Investigation Unit found at least 16 fatalities and 48 crashes. Tesla has also been targeted by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The latest series includes reports of a Tesla car braking unexpectedly for no reason, as well as crashes involving autopilot and FSD systems. One of the major concerns is the series of collisions in which Tesla vehicles collide with parked emergency vehicles.

Recall may be in the works

The lack of a driver monitoring system for use with Autopilot has raised additional concerns among regulators and safety advocates.Tesla recently responded to that problem by adding Driver monitoring technology — something competitors such as General Motors, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz have long used in their proprietary hands-free systems.

Fully Self-Driving Tesla 2020
Nader has called for Tesla’s full self-driving program to be removed from the vehicle.

In recent weeks, there have been reports suggesting NHTSA is considering what could be a recall. 800,000 Tesla cars.

For more advanced FSD systems, Nader said in a statement:

A year-long study released by NHTSA in June, which also names manufacturers such as GM and Honda, and ride-sharing services such as Waymo and Cruise, said Tesla vehicles weren’t in the U.S. where semi-autonomous technology was involved. have been shown to be involved in 70% of all crashes. Agency officials stressed that the list is likely incomplete because not all manufacturers regularly report incidents involving semi-automatic technology.

Tesla has a lot of headaches to deal with

car makers this week Accused of fraudulent advertising by the California Department of Motor Vehicles About the marketing of Autopilot and fully autonomous driving technology. According to the CDMV, automakers have exaggerated the capabilities of the two systems and have used “false or misleading, factual and false statements in advertising vehicles that have or may have advanced driver assistance (ADAS),” according to the CDMV. made or disseminated a statement that is not based on ) feature. “

The agency specifically pointed to the language Tesla uses, saying that the system is “designed to allow people in the driver’s seat to make short and long trips without having to do anything.” suggests that

The department could fine automakers or even ban Tesla from selling cars in California, its biggest market right now.

“Americans should not be test dummies for powerful, high-profile companies and their celebrity CEOs. No one is above the law of manslaughter,” Nader said.