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Raissman: For Nets, YES, NBA, possible Kevin Durant standoff is bad for business

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The Daily News’ Bob Raisman said Sunday about how the Nets’ outlook without Kevin Durant is very bad for business, not just for Brooklyn, but Manhattan’s YES network and the NBA boardroom and national broadcasters. I’ll just look. of each place.

As Raisman writes, whether Durant holds up or is traded, the loss of the game’s best player on the New York stage would hurt everyone:

This story created a buzz in the NBA offseason, but it’s bad for business.

No one likes uncertainty. And that’s exactly what Durant, one of his NBA marquee attractions, has delivered.Now even Durant, or [Joe] Tsai cannot provide guidance to the league’s national television partners (Turner Sports, ESPN) as to when and how often the Nets should schedule the next season.

Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network (Nets TV home) Suits can’t tell advertisers whether Durant, who signed a four-year, $198 million contract extension in 2021, will start the season in Brooklyn . Without Durant, his YES value for the Nets and what they can charge advertisers to buy commercials will take a hit.Arrows without Durant

When it comes to selling Nets season ticket subscriptions and corporate sponsorships, we point it out.

Because corporate sponsorships often span multiple years, season ticket sales are more likely to be affected than corporate sponsorships.

Still, the uncertainty that may last into the season will be felt in BSE Global’s offices, one floor below the practice courts of the HSS Training Center. Joe Tsai, whose team and Barclays Center made $343 million in revenue this year, hopes to hit the plateau of $500 million in three years and $1 billion in seven years. Without a winning club, or at least a star if not a superstar, it seems difficult if not impossible to achieve.

Reisman said that if the situation were resolved quickly (which he and everyone else probably wouldn’t), the organization would see Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, and whoever the Nets got in exchange for KD. He points out that the idea of ​​a “new” team can be sold. Without a solution, the issue of player empowerment becomes a bigger problem, so the problem could extend beyond Tsai’s book to the NBA’s book. He writes that there is a

It is discussed daily and becomes part of the Nets’ national or local television broadcasts. It reaffirms the idea that the NBA is the Players League. Will Durant’s situation be a tipping point, especially if it drags on?

We’ll learn more about how much Durant’s situation has hurt the Nets this week. The regular season schedule will be announced in the next few days. Last year, 26 of his Brooklyn games were featured on ABC, ESPN, and TNT, including his spot on the Christmas marquee.

Reisman believes a lengthy standoff could even become an issue in negotiations with the NBA and broadcasters for the 2024-25 season. We hope to bring different players into the competition. Anyone talking to the NBA is likely to bring up the instability created by wandering superstars. Raissman suggests:

If a superstar can’t even be guaranteed to be part of a team’s roster under contract, can an owner expect such dough from a TV partner?

Reisman had no quotes from the Nets or Durant. BSE Global has little to say about the circumstances of his season, including ticket sales and corporate sponsorships. This is proprietary information, but please make sure you monitor everything.