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People share what they want to do without technology

What a time to live There are self-driving cars, stunning art created by artificial intelligence, and my personal favorite, flyers. According to some Twitter theorists, this is exactly the reality that George Jetson, who may or may not have been born this year, deserves.


But still, even with these modern marvels, there are some experiences that don’t need to be improved, even if they take twice as long.

A Reddit user recently asked an online forum to share one thing: “I still prefer the old-fashioned way, regardless of technology.”

Unsurprisingly, the main theme of people’s responses concerned “old-fashioned” activities with visible quality. Activities that make people feel human, such as touch, taste, and smell. Sure, the efficiency and convenience are great, but the feeling of being alive is pretty great too.

Here are the 17 best answers that might get you back on Team Analog.

1. Physical board game

Most of the app versions of the games I like aren’t that great. Plus, playing with someone is more fun.– @Jankorum

2. Photos

Looking at physical photos gives me a sense of satisfaction and nostalgia. I put my favorites in a frame and display them, so I see them every day. make me happy– macaronsforeveryone

3. Read a book

I love having books that I can turn the pages of.– @John Smile

4. Drawing

I really didn’t know the tricks of digital art. Getting all the tactile input from work is much easier and more satisfying for me.– @WitheredFlowers

5. car button

“I don’t want to buy a car that has touchscreens for everything.– @Ghertomp

6. Physical menus at restaurants

I’m with the baby boomers on this one.– @cptfuzzybeard95

7. Arts & Crafts

especially sewing. Hand sewing is peaceful, quiet, portable, and overall more satisfying. Plus, you get bragging rights for the finished product.– @carinavet


I hate streaming music…I like owning what I listen to.– @jbnagis

9. Precautions

“I usually use index cards because they don’t easily ‘fly’, get crumpled or get lost. But hey…. it’s just me!– @NoBSforGma

10. Planner

I am 100% a team paper planner. It’s a lot easier to switch to monthly spreads and see all your meetings and such at once rather than opening it daily on your phone to see what’s there. I collect fountain pens, so any handwritten excuse is a good excuse.– @eventualguide0

11. Driving a manual car

Manipulating the manual stick is a lot of fun, even in an automatic car, no matter how advanced and precise it is.– @CoolMaster52

12. Cookbook

“My grandma always had a library of them and I enjoy reading them and enjoying the nostalgia. It also annoys me that the recipe has a very long story with lots of nonsense I don’t need, plus I like to dog-ear the page.– @GlassAndPaint

13. Ordinary watch

Instead of fiddling with your phone to get the time, it’s so easy to just glance at your wrist– @biggirliespants

14. Growing food

I try to grow, raise, hunt and gather my own food as much as possible. It’s expensive and time consuming, but it’s invaluable to my mental health. I know my scale isn’t for everyone, but I highly recommend at least growing something from seed to plate. The pride and sense of accomplishment you feel is difficult to describe.— @ElJamoNator

15. Making popcorn

I still make it in a pot on the stove. And he is 100% better that way.– @leaky_eddie

16. Camp

Tents and fires are much more peaceful to me than having most of the conveniences of life fit in a trailer.-@Ginger Beefcake

17. Non-Online Dating

I feel that online dating robs us of the best things about meeting new people, the thrill you get when you catch someone staring at you a few times and the excitement of getting closer, being rejected The fun of things, because it’s fun to be rejected.The heat of seducing each other and escalating to pleasure, and the joy of meeting someone with whom you can build the future together. Dating apps can’t provide any of that.– @NosoyPuli