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Outdoor recreation in Pennsylvania is serious business

  • Scott Lamar

Scott Lamar

Air date: August 9, 2022

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One of the bright spots of the COVID-19 pandemic is that more Pennsylvanians have been outdoors for recreation. There is no reason to believe they will stop either. At a time when many people stayed home from work and didn’t want to be stuck indoors, adults and children alike visited state parks, hiked trails, camped, swam and explored.

Nathan Rainer, Pennsylvania’s director of outdoor recreation, said Tuesday smart talk And commented on what people did during the pandemic. We go to the grocery store to get our food. Let’s go to the pharmacy and get some medicine. Get outside and enjoy outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation is an integral part of our daily lives, especially in the rural areas of the state and in the smaller communities where outdoor recreation is found, being an important part of the economy and the quality of life it provides is an important tool. is. Economic development.

They also spent about $12 billion on outdoor recreational activities, according to the US Department of Commerce.

Reigner appreciates the variety of great outdoor recreation Pennsylvania offers. Looking at this map and considering outdoor recreation in Pennsylvania, you can get there from the southeast. Steps from Philadelphia International Airport is the John Haines National Wildlife Refuge, which provides mentoring, hunting and archery programs, and boating opportunities for Philadelphia’s youth. You can go to the other corner of the state, Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie. This is the most visited state park. You can see the sun setting over the horizon and the waters of Lake Erie. The wilderness of Pennsylvania is home to functionally endless trails and rivers for biking, horseback riding, ATV riding, kayaking and canoeing. There are a surprising number of ski resorts. Our state has more named railroad trails than any other state. And all this. Accessible. All the wells, all of these should be accessible to all Pennsylvanians and we have the potential to make it happen. , diversity, and the fact that they’re right around the corner. “