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Open classroom for continuous training in IT (Information Technology)

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user friendly, IT or information technology (abbreviated in English) requires more ongoing training than any other discipline. Updating your knowledge of programming, data analysis, or computer security is essential for the ever-increasing demand of professionals. Head of Security at Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos (AST) Systems his engineer Ignacio Perez is well aware of this.

“Once you graduate from college, you have to spend 10% of your salary on training. High technology centers such as the CTA are very important, especially for those who want to get a degree and start working in the market. is,” he explains. ,If you already have some experience, courses offered by manufacturer-certified CTAs complementBut when you start working, they Field progress It is important to provide technical knowledge that is very different from academic knowledge that facilitates the company’s approach». but recalls Aragon’s “good position” in computing from previous exams and selections.

Progress in the field of work.for Inmaculada Sanz, Industrial Engineer It was decisive for those who finished their work in this area to pass the CTA. “I worked for a small business for 20 years and needed to find a job in this year 2022. So I signed up for his data visualization course on ‘Tableau Servers’. I was the only unemployed person on this course.

I came from another company to learn how to implement this tool. As I was taking the course, I was told that there was a company looking for data analytics talent.They called me and I’m already working,” she explains, reassuringly. is an “emerging field,” He is grateful for the opportunities that the CTA, which relies on the Aragon Employment Institute, has given him. “The best part is trying to customize the curriculum according to industry requirements.» In other words, it not only matches supply and demand in the labor market, but also makes it possible to do the easy things and the hard things.

get closer to realityChristiane, one of the students who fainted from CTA, who hasn’t stopped working since completing her FP in Information Systems Management, affirms: I want to do it in the future», so they got closer to the reality of the field, What are companies really interested in?in this student’s opinion, chips and facilities are other advantages of the center, which opened in 2003 and are therefore “online” and able to “continue working and training.” 1,000 people use it every yearHowever, the average number of requests for course access is much higher for both those who are employed and those who are unemployed.

According to the DGA, “high employability, official manufacturer certification, and a wide range of free training” mean that this last quarter will focus on computer security for both networks, including Cisco’s “network security” and “Amazon’s security.” It explains the great demand for courses that focus on “Engineering on AWS” and “Cloud with Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ500”.there will be A specialized course in server security and combating cyber threats, Others focused on Devops technology (a combination of software development and systems administration) and others on data processing.

The courses are being taught, he told the DGA’s economics department, but they are also being evaluated and « We can see that the enrollment rate for unemployed students is 61.13%. During use among those employed, 79.06% declared that the training led to better jobs». Being one of the few centers co-located with large corporations and multinationals (Amazon, Cloudera, EC-Council, Cisco, Google). certification program. , ITIL, Microsoft, Oracle, PMI, Red Hat, SAP, Scrum, VMware, Devops…)

ICT program in progress only from January to June 50 coursesSpecial training was conducted and 771 students were trained.