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Newcastle numbers change: high turnover, newfound pressure approach - and Bruno Guimaraes | Football News

Newcastle went from being relegation candidates to one of the Premier League’s main teams late last season.

The 38 points are also the most points scored from a Premier League sequence of 19 games in 10 years. Clearly, Eddie Howe’s team has made dramatic progress during their short time at Tyneside. It’s not just about results.

Assessing off-the-ball metrics from the first two weeks of the season, Newcastle have some surprising leadership characteristics in several categories. They also started the sequence higher than any team except Manchester City.

Sunday, August 21, 4:00 p.m.

4:30pm kick off

This is in stark contrast to recent seasons. Looking low in these categories often translates to a side that prefers to sit deep and concede possessions, as Newcastle have done for a long time. Under Howe, however, it suddenly seems that this is no longer the plan.

It’s not wise to draw much from such a small sample size yet, but further reflection confirms how this gradual shift in style has accompanied Newcastle’s turnaround in form.

Since the start of last season, Newcastle have gradually kept more of the ball and abandoned their previous tendency to play deep.

This is also consistent with a more aggressive off-the-ball approach. A year ago, Newcastle averaged a high five turnovers per game in his first six Premier League games. In the last six Premier League games, they are now making twice as much as him.

A key factor in this change in style is the signing of Bruno Guimaraes. Especially off-the-ball, it gives managers the tools to implement this change in approach. The midfielder has won more tackles and duels than any other Premier League player since his first start, leading the club’s new approach to how and where to get the ball back.


With the ball, he is the ideal focal point to keep possession. He is now averaging 70 touches per 90 minutes and in his final third he has completed 11 passes.

He is also one of the most persistent dribblers in the division, scoring more fouls than any other player and opponents are struggling to take him away. Additionally, only Kevin De Bruyne played more through balls.

Newcastle’s recent successes have been considerable and go hand in hand with the arrival of Guimaraes. The midfielder has won 12 of his league appearances in 19 Premier League appearances. This equals the number his club has won in its last 55 games in his three seasons.


This weekend’s match against Manchester City presents the ultimate challenge to this burgeoning style. Newcastle lost both games by an aggregate score of 9-0 last season, but few teams face the champions in more consistent form this year. A win on Sunday would greatly raise expectations of where these improvements could take Newcastle.

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