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New Welding Business Launched in Bago | News, Sports, Jobs

Tyler Knepp stands in front of his new business TNepp Metals on Highway 109.

Tyler Knepp’s journey took him from Lake Wilson, where he grew up, to Winnebago, where he currently lives.

Separate communities, the two towns have been linked throughout Nep’s life through his family and welding career.

Nep has now lived in Winnebago for nearly ten years. However, it is only recently that Nepp has also joined the community of his owners, his Winnebago local his business.

In mid-May of this year, Nepp opened TNepp Metals on Highway 109 across from the Winnebago Car Wash and Spencer Owen Funeral Home.

Nepp purchased the 6th Avenue SE building intact from its previous owner. It was fully equipped with a welding machine that would have otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

TNepp Metals offers a variety of services including welding, manufacturing, sales and repair. The business also handles Matheson welding gases.

Nepp adds that he is also exploring machining techniques.

“I have some ability in machining”he summarizes. We plan to further expand our know-how in the future.

Nepp studied welding at Ridgewater College in Wilmer.

“I started pipe fitting right out of college and joined the union.”he says.

For 8-9 years, I mainly did high pressure pipe welding services. However, he eventually found an opportunity to reorient his own career.

It all started with a part-time job.

“I work side by side on fabrication.”Nep explains. He soon realized that there was a general demand in the area for such services that could be met through his own welding business.

“We have a store in Wells.”According to Nep, “Otherwise, I didn’t know many places in the area. There aren’t many repairs or custom welds.”

Nepp soon joined as sole owner and sole employee of TNepp Metals. That being said, he is grateful to his wife Makaira for helping run the business.

Given that the family is growing, the couple also have a lot to do at home. Nepp and Makayla already have three children together, and her fourth child is due any day.

They also keep busy helping Makaira’s father tend to the family’s farm in the area and tending the pigs they raise on their property.

It was Makaira’s Winnebago roots that brought the Nepp family to Winnebago in the first place in 2013.

Nearly a decade later, Nepp has established TNepp Metals and is rooted in the community, and hopes his business will continue to grow for many years to come.

NEP certainly approaches business ownership with a growth mindset and a flexible attitude, with a focus on learning new skills and continuing to expand the service offerings.

In addition to deepening his knowledge of machining, he also wants to learn cast iron welding for cast iron engines and engine heads.

“It’s good to get in.”he reasoned. “I want to do something that many people don’t offer.”

Nep also applies a flexible attitude to his working hours. He technically runs his TNepp Metals on a standard schedule, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. However, he adds: “I can do it another time if I need to.”State your willingness to serve clients in the evenings or on Saturdays, as appropriate.

Overall, Nep seems excited to expand his business, serve his customers and dive deeper into the world of welding.

he said: “Every day is a learning experience for repair work.”

You can contact TNepp Metals at 507-893-3202. Nep’s cell phone is 507-227-4894.