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New story release date from Borderlands leaked online

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First season back in 2014 Tales from the Borderlands It hit PCs and consoles worldwide. The game was developed by Telltale Games, best known for their hit video games at the time. the walking dead. Unfortunately, Tales from the Borderlands It didn’t sell as well as the company expected, making a second season unlikely.

Telltale Games went bankrupt in 2018, leaving behind a complicated legacy.right to Tales from the Borderlands It ended up in the hands of 2K.main publisher borderlands game. Since then, the publisher has asked his Gearbox to develop new games, and the information has leaked steadily. for example, A new story from Borderlands was listed on the ESRB earlier this summer, but at the time it wasn’t clear if it was for a new game or a re-release of the original. A new story from Borderlands Games have found their way online as well.

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In a recent post, Twitter user Wario64 revealed the new game’s box art and release date. A new story from Borderlands was officially announced earlier this year, with very little additional information accompanying it. In the past, Wario64 has published leaked information that turned out to be accurate, and now he has over 1.1 million followers on the platform. The main source of this was a series of Amazon pages listing the new game as available for pre-order. Images posted on the Amazon page show the robot trying to put on and take off Psychohis mask. Also, as a release date he listed October 21st, and it appears to be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox consoles. The Amazon page has been taken down due to copyright issues, as has the artwork posted on Wario64’s account, but the Twitter post still has the release date.

ESRB rating plus story details A new story from Borderlands It was leaked online earlier this month. The stories in the first season mainly focused on her two characters named Rhys and Fiona. Borderlands 2However, rather than focusing on the two, the upcoming sequel will reportedly focus on a series of new characters instead. Currently unknown.

Despite all these leaks, 2K and Gearbox have yet to officially reveal anything new. A new story from Borderlands Although the game’s numerous leaks seem to indicate that the development process is well advanced. Tales from the Borderlands It also has an official adult rating for the South Korean country, which means the company is gearing up for a full international release. However, it seems odd that 2K would postpone an official announcement closer to the game’s apparent release date. We don’t yet know if the leaked dates are correct.

new Tales from the Borderlands Scheduled for 2022.

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