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New corn technology offers greater flexibility – AgriNews

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JOHNSTON, Iowa — Corteva Agriscience unveiled its new Enlist corn technology for ground pest control products at the July 14 media day at Pioneer headquarters.

Pioneer’s PowerCore Enlist corn is a comprehensive trait package designed for in-season insect protection and weed control and is introduced as an integrated protection product, PowerCore Enlist Refuge Advanced corn.

Additionally, when the new PowerCore Ultra Enlist corn hits the market, it is expected to provide an additional mode of action for areas in need of additional protection, and an integrated shelter will also be available as the PowerCore Ultra Enlist Refuge Advanced corn. Become.

Adam Theis, corn marketing leader at Pioneer, said the PowerCore suite will be a transition from AcreMax to PowerCore.

The PowerCore Enlist Refuge Advanced hybrid will be commercialized this fall with expanded access for the 2023 planting season.

“We will rapidly expand our relative maturity offerings that hybrid offers and expand our geographic offerings in 2024, 2025 and 2026,” said Theis.

The PowerCore Ultra Enlist will be available in expanded acres in 2024.

“PowerCore Enlist is an advanced combination of pioneer brand elite genetics, diversified genetics and proprietary genetics that combine above-ground pest control with four modes of action herbicide tolerance. ,” said Theis.

“Together, farmers have the opportunity to have high yield potential, healthy agronomy, and clean fields, and their herbicide tolerance means they can make their neighbors happier with herbicide programs. ”

PowerCore Enlist Corn, both as an advanced option for structured and integrated shelters, protects against the toughest above-ground species such as the susceptible European corn borer, fall armyworm, southwestern corn borer, and corn earworm. Stacked with three modes of action for enhanced control over insect pests.

The new PowerCore Ultra Enlist corn, when commercially available, will bring an additional mode of action to acres in areas requiring extra protection from the high pressures of ground pests such as armyworms and sea flies.

“This is PowerCore Enlist’s comprehensive approach to insect control. It is effective against many of the primary and secondary targeted insects across the U.S. corn belt,” added Theis. .

herbicide options

The Enlist corn trait allows for weed management flexibility with tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate, glufosinate, and “fop” (aryloxyphenoxy-propionate chemical family) herbicides.

“Another major advantage of PowerCore Enlist experienced by Pioneer customers is its flexibility to herbicides they do not currently have. Glyphosate and glufosinate are known and established herbicide tolerances in today’s corn line-up. We plan to introduce enlisted corn to make the Pioneer brand resistant,” Theis said.

Registered herbicides have near-zero volatility and reduced potential for physical drift when applied according to label directions, with no calendar cut-off dates or time-of-day restrictions.

In addition, Tayse says the wide coverage of 30 inches of corn, or 48 inches of corn when applied using a drop nozzle, allows Enlist herbicides to control late-season broadleaf weeds. I can.

PowerCore Enlist corn is available in both integrated shelter (advanced shelter) and structured shelter options in a diverse line-up of high-yielding potential genetics across a wide range of maturity levels.

By the mid-to-late 2020s, PowerCore Enlist Refuge Advanced corn and PowerCore Ultra Enlist Refuge Advanced corn will be Corteva’s flagship offerings for ground pest acres.