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MLB Scores: Mets 10, Reds 2 — Mets Handle Business, Wipe Reds Out

The Mets entered the series with a 70-39 record. The Reds entered the series with a record of 44-63. A keen observer will notice that the former record is much better than the latter. I won’t repeat this to my friends in Cincinnati, but the simple but true fact that a good team (say, a 70-39 team) must beat a bad team (say, a 44-win team). I mention it to note the facts. -63 records).

Even with that simple acknowledgment, I have to say that what the Mets have done over the past three days has been impressive. Over the last 27 innings, they have not trailed at any point. He beat the Reds 21-5, and his offense and pitching were equally impressive. And on the heels of a major series win over their division rivals, the Mets evaded the threat of the Trap Series, maintained season-best momentum, and continued to show why they are legitimate contenders for this year’s World Series. On the off day before facing the equally hot Phillies, the Amazins put the finishing touches to the Reds’ sweep with a sweeping 10-2 victory.

TJ Zeuch was the starter for the Reds this afternoon, making his 2022 major league debut after alternating between majors and minors over the past few seasons. TJ Zeuch has made 13 starts in the minor leagues this year and posted a 6.70 ERA. He’s gotten better since the Reds signed him earlier this year, but the bottom line hasn’t changed: TJ Zeuch is the kind of pitcher a good Major League team should handle without a problem. And the Mets disposed of him. They scored early against him, with all three of the Mets’ opening batters reaching base, the last of a Pete Alonso RBI single. They scored another run in the inning on Jeff McNeil’s sacrifice fly, but that was just the beginning. Three more runs come home in the second inning, one-for-one with Francisco Lindor (81 from shortstop, tying the Mets record for an RBI for a season with 50 games still left in the season). By folk hero Daniel Vogelbach. Then they got another run in the third when Tyler Nakin, a slugger since joining the Mets, hit a solo home run into right field against his former team to make the Amazins 6–0. Added. By the time Zeuch left the game after his four innings, the Mets had done their usual business of taking good plate appearances and seeing many pitches, in addition to scoring six runs against him. A team that is now simply firing on all cylinders.

Meanwhile, Taijuan Walker entered today’s game looking to rebound from their worst start of the season. In his final game against the Braves (which, by the way, was the last game the Mets lost), he failed to record a single out past the first inning, giving up seven hits and eight runs, but no strikeouts. did. His start today was almost a successful comeback as he was happy to take the early runs the Mets gave him and prevented the Reds from making a legitimate comeback attempt, and his only meaning to the day. One hurt was when he gave up his two runs in the fourth. Beyond that, he probably walked a few too many (three in six innings, an unusually high number for him), but Walker gave up only those two runs to secure a quality start. .

Back in the Mets’ offense, you didn’t think their day would end when TJ Zeuch left the game, did you? Reiver Sanmartin was the first pitcher out of the bullpen in the fifth inning. He scored his two outs in the first of the inning, but the Mets still scored him a run, thanks to a double from his Naquin on the aforementioned slugging machine. An infield hit by Luis Guelme thrown into the stands. Still, Sanmartin probably wasn’t thrilled with his outing, but it doesn’t compare to the hurt the Mets would do to Ian Gibout when they came out for inning work in the next frame. No. The top of the order greeted him as he walked in, and the first five batters of the inning, yes, five, all got on base in some way. The big hits of the inning were Vogelbach (Alonso was thrown to the plate for an overly aggressive base run on a slightly errant throw, scoring two) and McNeil (his second from Vogelbach scoring). Those hits made him 10-2 and the game was officially a laughing stock.

The Mets didn’t score extra points in their final two innings at bat, but that hardly matters. Seth Lugo, Trevor Williams and Adonis Medina handled his last three innings without a hitch, securing the win and the sweep. The Mets have won at least his sixth straight for the third time this season, and he’s gone 15-2 in his last 17 games. Their lead in the NL East will stay at seven or rise to eight, depending on how the Braves play tonight. Beating the Reds may not be as impressive as him winning 5-4 against division rivals, but the Mets face an equally bad number of teams in his final 50 games of the season. I will. When they handle this, they could easily win his NL East as well as run his record of 108 wins in 1986 for that money. After all, the team and their fans have a lot to celebrate as they head into their well-deserved off-day.

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