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Mary Trump Speculates Mar-a-Lago FBI Informant Could Be Jared Kushner

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  • According to court documents, the FBI recovered 11 boxes of classified documents during the Mar-a-Lago search.
  • Sources told The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek that someone told the Federal Bureau of Investigation the materials and where to look.
  • Mary Trump, a vocal critic of her uncle, said she suspected Jared Kushner was an informant.

Mary Trump says the person who may have provided the FBI with information about documents her uncle, former President Donald Trump kept in Mar-a-Lago, could be Jared Kushner. said he was thinking.

she is, radio interview at the Dean Obeidaler Show on Friday. Following reports that the FBI had been tipped off by an informant close to her former president, the host asked her who she thought could be a “mole of Mar-a-Lago.”

“We have to start with who has access to this stuff. I don’t think Mark Meadows has access,” Mary Trump began, firing the former chief of staff.

Noting that a fund led by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman invested in Kushner’s private equity firm, he said, “We have to seriously consider why Jared got $2 billion. I think there is,” he said. “We really need to find out why he kept quiet for months.”

“And it’s going to take a play as big as changing Donald to get out of the problem, or at least reduce the problem they have, think about who could be involved in this. “It sounds like someone in Jared’s shoes. I’m not saying it’s Jared, but it could be.”

Mary Trump, who has consistently been a vocal critic of her uncle, is not the first to denounce Kushner.

Former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen told insider Natalie Musumesi on Thursday that he believes Kushner may be an FBI informant.

“It’s definitely part of his inner circle,” Cohen said, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s Jared or one of his kids.”

“Who else knows about the existence of the vault and the specific contents it holds inside?” said Cohen, who has also become a vocal critic of Trump.

On Monday the FBI conducted an unprecedented raid in Mar-a-Lago. Court documents sealed Friday showed the investigation was part of an investigation into potential violations of three laws related to the handling of government documents, including parts of the Espionage Act. , it is also shown that an FBI agent recovered 11 boxes of classified materials.

Speculation about the informant followed reports in The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek earlier this week, both citing unnamed sources.

Newsweek reported that two government officials with knowledge of the raid said a person informed law enforcement that Mar-a-Lago had certain documents. Sources say the individual knew where the documents were kept on a large stretch of land.

The WSJ later corroborated this information, saying a person familiar with the matter told investigators that Mar-a-Lago had more classified material than the 15 boxes Trump handed over earlier this year. I have been told that there is.

Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, was a senior adviser to his stepfather. He and his wife, who also served as senior advisers to his father, have largely stayed out of the public eye since leaving the White House last year.

In his forthcoming memoir, “Breaking History: A White House Memoir,” Kushner writes that he is ready to end Trump’s presidency.

Kushner told Ivanka, “It’s been a tough five years, but after 30 days the responsibilities will be greatly reduced and I’ll be able to get my life back,” Kushner said in a memoir obtained by an insider.

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