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Martin Boyle: Enjoy football again with Hibernian Return | Football News

Hibernian forward Martin Boyle will never regret moving to Saudi Arabia but is happy to be back where he calls home and just wants to ‘enjoy football’ again .

The 29-year-old returned to Easter Road earlier this month on a three-year deal after seven months playing for Al Faisaly in Saudi Arabia.

He’s happy that Hibs “played a big part” in bringing him back to Edinburgh, but he’s still happy that he traveled to the Middle East and tried something different.

Boyle is back in Hibs after leaving for Saudi Arabia in January

“I enjoyed my time there. I played in the Champions League and it was an experience,” he said. sky sports.

“No, I think they have VAR and they have more technical players.

“It’s just a cultural difference. It’s hot, I’m training at night, I’m staying up all night, my diet is different.

“This feels like home. Thankfully I’m back, enjoying what I’m familiar with.”

Boyle made an immediate impact when he scored a 95th-minute equalizing goal against Hearts in the Edinburgh Derby, casting his second spell for Hives.

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Boyle marked his return to Hibernian with a dramatic stoppage equalizer against local rivals Hearts

“I think it was my first match when I woke up and was a little nervous because I didn’t know where I was in terms of fitness,” said the Australia international.

“The game doesn’t have a lot of sharpness and I haven’t played the game in over a month, but the game usually handles naturally.

“The adrenaline, the atmosphere was stimulating and I was itching, but moments like that rarely happen.

“It’s definitely a moment I will remember for a long time.”

Boyle now hopes his experience will help Hibernian regain their place in the top half of the Scottish Premiership.

“Obviously the expectations are high, of course,” he added.

“I need to keep working hard, perform well, and help my teammates. It’s a fairly young team, so I need to help them along the way.

“I think I’m in pretty good shape. I had a long break, but I took care of myself when I was away, so obviously I was able to come back and make an impact in the first game.

Saturday, August 20, 12:00

12:30 Kickoff

Johnson: I need experience

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Hibernian manager Lee Johnson analyzes club’s season opener, looks ahead to Rangers game and discusses transfer news

Hibs Manager Lee Johnson said: sky sports The transfer window is not over yet as he is looking to add experience to the young team.

“To be honest, ideally we’d like to add a couple,” he said. I think.

“It has a lot of potential, but of course, sometimes you want that ‘daddy’ or experience scattered around. There are quite a few injuries right now, but it will be a new one when those players come back. signature.

“As far as where we are as a football club, I think we are in a good place. It gives you an opportunity. Please keep that momentum going.”