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Manchester United news: Sir Jim Ratcliffe 'hunted' to take over as Glazers under attack | Football | Football Sport

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Michael Knighton has admitted he is ‘chasing’ Sir Jim Ratcliffe who is trying to oust the Glazers from Manchester United. Calls for Joel and Avram Glaser to leave the club are growing again, especially after Saturday’s 4-0 defeat to Brentford at the Gtech Community Stadium. Even more so.

Knighton recently revealed that he is considering buying United.

And now, speaking to the United Stand, the businessman revealed his plans and admitted that he was “going after” Ratcliffe, 69, in hopes he could help his consortium plan. .

“The reason I pursue players like Jim Ratcliffe is because he has the resources. He is originally from Manchester and claims to be a Manchester United fan, which I believe. I’m here.

“If I can get Jim Ratcliffe out and bring him to Old Trafford, my job is done.

“I would like someone like Jim Ratcliffe to join the consortium.

“We need to be taken seriously as a fan group as a whole because this is really a fan bid and I’m going to get people together to do a hostile bid and say, ‘Look, this is the money.’ Of course, they deny it.

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“But if we can say that we have the support of a worldwide fanbase, then we have a chance.”

When asked if he could make a successful bid without Ratcliffe, Knighton added:

“There’s no question about it. Jim is Britain’s richest man, a football fan and (and) a nice guy.

“When he bids for Chelsea, you can understand it because he is deeply involved in London with his great company Ineos, a world leader in the chemical gasoline industry.

“He said publicly, ‘I’m making enough money in the chemical and petrol business that I don’t need to take money from Chelsea or other football clubs.'”

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“We obviously welcome Jim Ratcliffe because it was music for all the fans.

“Of course everyone needs Jim Ratcliffe because Jim is the real deal!

“He’s the man who can turn our great football club back into what it was meant to be.

“I’m not in that league. I’m not even in the league of some people I managed to get around the table.”

Knighton also stressed that the hostile takeover plan is not personal to Glazers.

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“It’s not personal for the Glazers,” he said.

“Michael Knighton’s bid is just that. It’s not about Michael Knighton.

“Here’s an email from the last 20 years. I turned down hundreds of TV interviews (and) hundreds of radio interviews.

“It’s not about Michael Knighton, it’s about saving the club from its current ownership.

“We need all Manchester United fans around the world to support this bid. That’s right. This is a hostile bid. The club is not for sale.

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“The Glazers would probably decline, but if we could stand up and say, ‘We have 30 million Manchester United fans and major sponsors on our side. You’ve run out of the way.’ The time is now and you have to go.

“There’s a chance that the current owner can say, ‘We got a net profit of 2.5 billion or 3 billion, let’s go.'” That’s my intention.

“John Gabba…I’ve seen evidence of people I’m trading. We’re talking billions of pounds.

“It’s not my money. Yes, I put in a little bit, but I’m not at that level (of wealth).”

“But I managed to get these people together. I had the ability to make them pledge.”

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