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Lei Jun Launches Xiaomi Pilot Technology — Technology — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigerian and World News

Xiaomi Group today officially unveiled the development status of Xiaomi Pilot Technology in its first R&D and staffing update since it announced its entry into the smart electric vehicle segment in March 2021, 500 days ago.

Xiaomi plans to invest 3.3 billion RMB in the first R&D phase of autonomous driving technology and has established a large R&D team of over 500 world-class experts. A series of valuable acquisitions and strategic investments in upstream and downstream companies have enabled Xiaomi to steadily build medium- and long-term industrial capabilities in the field of autonomous driving. driving.

At today’s press conference, Xiaomi also unveiled a live road test video of its autonomous driving technology, demonstrating its advanced algorithms and ability to handle a comprehensive list of scenarios.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said, “Xiaomi’s self-driving technology adopts a self-developed full-stack approach, and the project has made progress beyond expectations.

Plans to invest RMB 3.3 billion in initial R&D stage, recruit talents and expand across industries

Since announcing its entry into the smart electric vehicle industry, Xiaomi has continued its efforts to enter the field of autonomous driving. The company’s zero-his-his-one breakthrough is made possible by allocating significant resources to R&D, selectively hiring the best in the industry, and investing in upstream and downstream companies.

As revealed by Lei Jun, Xiaomi plans to invest 3.3 billion RMB in the initial research and development stage of autonomous driving technology, and currently has more than 500 dedicated teams. By the end of the year, the team is expected to continue growing. to over 600 members.

Since its official launch last year, Xiaomi’s autonomous driving team has attracted many top industry experts. Today, the 500-member department includes his 50 industry experts who form the backbone of the team, as well as outstanding backers, with more than 70% of him holding a master’s or Ph.D. Ground his team is built. The core members of the team have worked at some of the most well-known companies in the AI ​​space. Their expertise covers sensors, chips, algorithms, simulations, toolchains, data platforms, and everything else required to develop Xiaomi’s self-developed self-driving technology.

Xiaomi has fully acquired self-driving startup Shendong Technology to strengthen its expertise and talent pool in self-driving technology. In addition, Xiaomi is also committed to building medium- to long-term strategic industrial capabilities by investing his RMB 2 billion in more than 10 of his upstream and downstream companies in the autonomous driving field. These companies cover different categories such as core sensors, core actuators and domain controllers.

Algorithm developed in-house aiming to be the industry leader in the smart EV industry by 2024

Xiaomi adopts a self-developed full-stack approach to autonomous driving technology, covering all core areas such as hardware and software development, perception and positioning, enabling full closed-loop data capabilities, full-scale We focus on unique solutions. This approach allows automated driving algorithms to be rapidly iterated based on user needs.

In a demo video, Xiaomi’s test vehicle showcased precise, safe and intelligent driving assistance in multiple scenarios such as U-turns, roundabouts and continuous downhill driving.

Focusing on parking, Xiaomi’s self-driving team has launched innovative self-parking solutions covering scenarios such as “reserved parking space”, “automatic valet parking” and “automatic robotic arm charging”. In the future, other parking services will be available and will be added with a combination of AI and service-oriented features to comply with relevant national laws and regulations.

Lei Jun also mentioned that Xiaomi plans to create 140 test vehicles in the first phase of its autonomous driving technology development. Aiming to become the leader in the smart EV industry by 2024, it will be tested individually across the country.

Apart from leveraging internal resources, Xiaomi Auto team also receives strong support from multiple other teams within Xiaomi, such as Xiaomi AI Lab, XiaoAi AI Assistant Team, Smartphone Camera Team, etc., to create the most advanced autonomous driving experience. are jointly created.

Xiaomi’s self-driving technology has achieved a virtually 0:1 breakthrough in just over a year, becoming a new force that attracts a lot of attention in the industry.