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Leeds United transfer news: Jesse Marsh wants another striker but is waiting patiently

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Leeds are short on options up front after losing Patrick Bamford to an abduction injury in the first half at St Mary’s Stadium, but Marsh is happy with the signings the club has already made.

“I understand that transfers are always a lightning rod and people want to talk about this a lot,” said Rodrygo, who scored twice in two games at St. Marsh said he saw it done.

“The transfers got us where we are now. We made them fast.

Leeds United’s Patrick Bamford leaves with injury during Premier League match at St Mary’s Stadium (Photo: PA)

“We are playing very well and now we are making the final decision carefully.

“So the striker has always been in my head, but I’m doing it in a way that I think makes sense.

“We think we need to continue to evaluate what moves we make.”

Marsh said he is sure his side are improving despite feeling “horrible” after Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Leeds United’s Rodrigo Moreno celebrates his second goal at Southampton (Pictured; PA)

Leeds took a 2–0 lead by the hour mark as Rodrigo completed a tap-in brace, but the hosts of Ralph Hasenhuttl rallied to regain a goal by Joe Alivo in the 72nd minute with nine minutes remaining. The tie was equalized by Kyle Walker-Peters at .

The Saints’ comeback came after a league campaign that denied United regained six points after opening weekend’s 2–1 win at home to Wolves.

“Obviously disappointed,” said Marsh.

“It feels terrible to play so well and then the game changes and you walk away with less than one goal.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh after the final Premier League whistle at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton (Photo: PA)

“But I think it’s also progress that we’re very disappointed with just one point. We also have to look a little bit through the tree and the performance from an individual perspective and from the collective was very good. You have to understand that I see clearly in all phases of the match, I think I’m very consistent in set pieces, and I think I find ways to take risks.

“For me, even in moments like this, it’s always on my mind how I can get my glass half full.

“But the group is making progress. No doubt about it, it’s great to see so many individuals playing at such a high level.”

Pushing what he felt was wrong, if he wanted to make more changes, Marsh reasoned:

“And we lost at that. Jack lost at halflane, so it’s a little frustrating.

“Jack has done a really good job and put in two great games for the start of the season.

“But to make that shift tactically and still beat it is a pain.

“We are still a young team.

“That’s one of the reasons I brought Adam in the end, to have a guy with a bit more experience on the pitch that helps calm the game down. He did a really good job in that regard. I think.”

“And of course there were some changes in retrospect that I think we could have done a little earlier and manipulated the game with some guys off the bench.

“But in the end, again, I think we’re making progress.”