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Leading Brand Leverages Aetrex 3D Foot Scanning Technology to Improve Fit and Performance

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Teaneck, NJ–(business wire)– Aetrex, Inc. (“Aetrex”), the global market leader in foot scanning technology, insoles, comfort and wellness footwear, today announced that Albert 2 Pro foot scanning technology is being used in a prominent brand partner’s performance lab. announced that there will be BOA Technology Inc., the manufacturer of BOA® Fit System enhances the performance of fit systems and footwear from the world’s leading brand partners.

Since launching the Performance Fit Lab four years ago, BOA has utilized the Albert 2 Pro to scan athletes’ unique feet and provide key 3D foot measurements and biomechanical data through motion capture, force plates and more. Collect and better understand how. Subtle differences in foot shape, shoe upper construction, and material selection affect athletic performance. In addition to using the scan data to select and bring testers into the lab that closely match the shape of your foot, BOA also analyzes the data to ensure that the BOA Fit System is integrated into the footwear to ensure a secure fit. Wrap it up and optimize how you get the most out of your performance benefits.

Dr. Dan Feeney, Director of the Biomechanics Research & Performance Fit Lab, said: “Similarly, the length from heel to metatarsophalangeal joint is used to determine where the last panel ends. Thus, the industry-leading brand his partner’s footwear It ensures that you get the maximum performance benefits of the BOA Fit System.”

BOA’s Performance Fit Lab used the Albert 2 Pro to scan over 300 athletes for performance testing across golf, court, trail running, hiking, workwear, skiing, snowboarding and cycling segments . According to a peer-reviewed white paper by Footwear Science, BOA found that configurations featuring wrap construction with the BOA Fit System improved athletic performance (agility and speed) by up to 9%.

Most recently, Burton is one of many performance brand partners acquiring the Albert 2 Pro to inform optimal fit through scientific data.

Eric Carlson, senior product line merchandiser at Burton, said:

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About Atrex

Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. is a recognized global leader in foot scanning technology, insoles, comfort and wellness footwear. Aetrex has introduced state-of-the-art foot scanning his devices, including CES 2022 Innovation Award winner Albert, the Albert 2 Pro, and the iStep, which is designed to accurately measure your foot and determine your foot type and pressure points. developed. Since 2002, Aetrex has deployed over 10,000 scanners worldwide, performing over 40 million unique customer foot scans, and now averages over 2.5 million scans per year.

The company is known for its off-the-shelf orthoses and is the #1 premium foot orthotic in the world. With fashion, function and quality at the forefront, Aetrex also designs and manufactures stylish performance footwear. Based in New Jersey, his Aetrex has consistently been named one of New Jersey’s Top 100 Private Companies and was included in NJBIZ’s Top 30 Manufacturing Companies. Privately owned by the Schwartz family for his three generations. For more information, please visit