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Kodansha Co., Ltd. Debut Family Battle Action Fighting Game

Japanese manga publisher Kodansha has dropped its latest action-fighting game, Family Battle 2vs2 Arena, from early access.

From the manga publisher that publishes the work Attack on Titansailor moon When Akira, Kodansha Co., Ltd. exhibited works in the form of new art. Recently, this week Kodansha released his PC game Early Access. family battle 2vs2 arena with steam. The publisher emphasized the importance of teamwork in this 2v2 his 3D action co-op fighting game.

The game had a very interesting description by Kodansha. Japanese fried chicken. Would this soft, bite-sized delicacy be served with a squeeze of lemon or drizzled with mayonnaise?When presented with just one plate, the argument for this age-old question was to sway his Leading to an epic feud between two rival factions!”

The theme they mentioned was about “family feuds” about how each family has a different view of the perfect karaage dish and how they can be resolved in 2v2 co-op battles. was. Indie game creator Kodansha Game Creators Lab (GCL) explained the importance of having two of his players on each team, one player being the attacker and the other being the support. I explained that it was going to happen. The basic idea is that the attacker charges in and deals a lot of melee damage, while the support his player assists with his set of ranged attacks and diverse skills.

Kodansha GCL pointed out that “teamwork was the key.” They mentioned how all characters can play as an attacker or support, but their skills change based on the role they choose to play. Being an attacker might be an advantage since you have fast equipment. And when his grandfather is equipped as a support, he has a skill that can throw bouncing bombs that restrict enemy movement.

The characters that have been released so far are Kuon-nii, Akane-nii, Ryugen-ji, and Kokushi-fu. Of course, each playable had a different personality and skill backstory.They’ve already teased that more characters will be introduced later. Multiversus And a Riot Games tease league of legendsbase Project L.the limits of the fighting genre may be infinite.

Kodansha’s games are mainly 3D, Project L. Use 2D side-scrolling art.When Multiversus reflects the style of super smash bros A game that came out before. The fighting genre has evolved rapidly from its roots. Iron fistStreet Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc.

Kodansha GCL has revealed that early access will last about three months. They pointed out how the price could change later, especially with additional content. family battle was listed for around $9.00 in a small introductory sale, but was priced at $11.49 at regular price.

Kodansha Co., Ltd. Debut Family Battle Action Fighting Game 3

The game’s team also answered questions about available playable modes. However, we already said that the full version will have an online ranked match system, and the game’s publisher said three months is plenty of time for him to gather feedback from the community through videos and actual gameplay. I admitted.

Like many Japanese games, family battle English is not currently supported. The interface, characters, and menus are all in Japanese text, and the audio is in Japanese. gamecreater, cat turtle teacher (Yoshiaki Nakamichi) is known for other games such as: super drink brothers When Spiramble.

when super drink brothers Since released on Steam on November 13, 2020, Nakamichi has been constantly posting and streaming game development footage on YouTube and Twitch. He is famous and titled for his Twitch livestream showing his attempt to create a game in 48 hours. The Ultimate Superpower Hag ~3 Days~.

Kodansha Co., Ltd. Debut Family Battle Action Fighting Game 4

Overall, the game seemed like Nakamichi’s biggest project yet. family battle 2vs2 arena is currently available for purchase and play on Steam (PC) as of August 5, 2022.

Here is a list of four mouth-watering characters and their descriptions.

  • Brother: Kuon
  • Calm and he tends to resemble his father. But he talks a lot and likes to start discussions on social media. But for some reason he doesn’t feel confident when his sister is near him. Kuon’s weapon of choice is his trusty laser gun. Speaking of fried chicken, there is a lot of neck meat.
  • Sister: Akane
  • Always overconfident, she is the most competitive member of the family. Still, she dearly loves them all and she often dedicates her verses on social media, her weapon of choice being a giant hammer. Speaking of fried chicken, choose the thigh meat.
  • Grandfather: Ryugen
  • A dedicated inventor. He holds a number of patents, but few of them that actually benefit society. His arsenal consists of various junk his items and mechanical firearms that he has created himself. As for the karaage, he’s all about the gristle.
  • Father: Kokushi
  • A typical day at work consists of battling against nasty sales quotas, using his unmatched paperwork skills. participate. Because he is not good at showing emotions, his heart is swirling with intense human emotions. Speaking of fried chicken wings.