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John Marston Actor Talks Death in Red Dead Online

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The voice actor of Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston discusses the cancellation of Red Dead Online and what it might mean for the future.

Rob Wiesoff, the talented voice actor who brought John Marston to life in the 2010s red dead redemptiontalked about the end of recent red dead online. Rockstar Released red dead online As the acclaimed online multiplayer component in 2019 red dead redemption 2 – same as method grand theft auto online Built the grand theft auto 5The fictional setting of Los Santos has transformed into a chaotic virtual landscape.of red dead onlineplayers could roam a rich open-world sandbox with an expansive storyline, engaging in gunfights, hunting wildlife, and collecting bounties among many other Western activities. .

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however, gta online Over the years we have received a lot of support from Rockstar. red dead The counterpart fell by the wayside with minimal updates.decline of red dead online Rockstar will culminate in officially ending all support in July, almost a year after the game’s last major update. You will now host an in-game funeral. red dead online To mourn its untimely demise.Some of the Talent Behind Now red dead The franchise’s more successful single-player options weigh heavily on the end red dead online.

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As reported by, red dead redemption Voice actor Rob Weisoff recently commented red dead onlineWe end with an interview with the Dan Allen Gaming YouTube channel. Noble but troubled former Van der Linde his gang member Jon He Known for playing Marston in voice and motion his capture Wiesoff sympathizes with fans disappointed by the game’s cancellation but I feel Rockstar will be able to create something.New and exciting, with extra resources freed up by red dead online‘send. “You are now in a situation where you are upset because you feel that something you love has been taken away from you or that it is not continuing as you would like it to.’” Weisoff said during an interview. “But you’re not going to love it if it wasn’t that great to begin with. Let them do what they do and you will be blown away again. That’s right!

John Marston’s voice actor holds out hope for Red Dead’s future

Rob Wiesoff is not alone red dead redemption Actor who speaks red dead onlinecancellation of red dead redemption 2‘s Arthur Morgan actor Roger Clark recently posted a heartfelt message to the game’s passionate community to give them hope for the future. red dead onlineobituary.Officially, Rockstar cites development of the long-awaited sequel grand theft auto 5 as one of the main factors in the decision to stop releasing updates for red dead onlineRockstar has yet to reveal specifics, but GTA6leaks and rumors suggest it could be one of the publisher’s biggest games.

at most red dead online Players are understandably disappointed that a game they’ve spent countless hours building close friendships with is no longer supported. red dead redemptionRob Wiethoff himself remains hopeful that his death will lead to better things from Rockstar Games going forward. Rockstar’s Next Project – Long Term Development GTA6 – There’s no official announcement yet, but the hype surrounding it is already massive.

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Source:, Dan Allen Gaming/YouTube

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