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Jobizo's Avishek Agarwal said:

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What is Jobizo’s business model and the services it provides?

Jobizo is India’s first technology-enabled flexible recruitment platform for healthcare professionals. They can find short-term jobs for free using the Gurgaon-based workforce aggregator platform. The company only charges employers a nominal fee. This is the company’s main business model.

We aim to streamline healthcare workflows by providing on-demand short-term staffing services to the healthcare sector. Jobizo achieves this goal with cutting-edge, innovative technology. The company empowers the entire sector by making it quick and easy for healthcare services her providers and professionals to find each other.

Both employers and candidates can use location-based search in the Jobizo mobile app. The company also offers emergency recruitment. In one instance, a hospital used the platform to find a doctor in her ICU in an emergency during her Holi vacation, saving her life.

Additionally, the platform offers AI-enabled expert recommendations, automated analytics and reporting, scheduled video interviews, customized hiring solutions, a unique GPS-enabled attendance system, and more. Both employers and professionals get a pool of options to choose from. Candidates can connect directly with employers and secure competitive wages for their services.

what is your USP?

Jobizo is India’s first healthcare HRTech company, aiming to simplify staff availability in the healthcare sector through its gig workforce. This approach to bridging the gap between industry demand and supply is the most prominent USP.

Since its founding in 2021, the company has helped provide more than 44,000 hours of additional patient care. Jobizo saves about 30-50% on fixed recruitment costs because employers can recruit talent as needed.

The idea behind the company is simple. It is to provide flexible employment solutions for both medical institutions and professionals. The initiative by IFANglobal, with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare recruitment and training sector, aims to transform the way employers hire and the way professionals are hired with a better work-life balance. is. There is no other platform like Jobizo for this segment.

How do you ensure the fulfillment of services on the platform?

Jobizo wants to redefine the traditional recruitment system in the healthcare industry. We fully understand the delicate environment in which the sector operates and its responsibilities.

Strict background checks are carried out on all professionals on this platform. You can apply for various jobs placed on the platform only after meeting the set criteria. Also, to further ensure service enrichment, the platform has enabled multiple features such as GPS, live tracking, and a rating system.

Additionally, the platform charges a small fee from employers to post permanent vacancies with a one-month guarantee. Jobizo will issue a full refund if the requirements are not met within this period. In addition, candidates will be automatically removed from the platform if they cancel job confirmations three times in a row after the hiring process is complete.

They are part of a comprehensive solution that Jobizo has put in place to ensure ethical and professional conduct and service performance on its platform.

How do you position Jobizo in the market with players like Practo and other listing platforms?

Players like Practo provide direct medical assistance to patients. Jobizo, on the other hand, was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the healthcare recruitment process. The company’s LOCUM job aggregation platform provides a long-term solution to solve the problem of urgent and unmet short-term staffing requirements in the healthcare sector. This makes Jobizo a one-stop solution for all part-time labor problems.

In other words, Jobizo is strengthening India’s healthcare sector by filling staff gaps. In addition, we provide new technologies to modernize the industry recruitment process. In the long term, it helps build a future where healthcare is more affordable and accessible to everyone. The high growth the company is seeing in a short period of time supports this idea.

What are your future goals when it comes to healthcare adoption?

Jobizo currently primarily serves Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. We aim to increase our footprint in cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore by the end of this year. The company recently secured his US$500,000 funding in his seed round to reach this goal. We are considering another funding round in the next six months to further expand our business and reach.

In addition to India, Jobizo also has over 20,000 people in the global health sector. Going forward, the company aims to integrate the Gig Model app with advanced technical solutions such as data science to optimize staff he resources. In addition to nurses and doctors, soon all medical professionals will be able to apply for open jobs according to their profile.

Can you briefly describe the emerging trends in the requirements and recruitment of healthcare professionals?

By the end of 2022, India’s healthcare sector is expected to generate US$372 billion and 2.7 million new jobs. Despite this contribution, the sector remains understaffed. This gap was especially felt when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. He also emphasized the need to change the doctor-to-patient ratio, which is currently 1:1456. Likewise, the healthcare recruiting sector is witnessing an empirical shift.

In India, we are seeing certain trends that are changing the dynamics of how recruitment is done in the healthcare sector. AI and automation can alleviate the daunting task of validating expert skill sets. Technology can be used to assess, provide feedback, and check his background as an expert. Due to COVID-19, there was an urgent need for recruitment in the healthcare sector. Recruitment platforms will serve not only as talent pools for healthcare providers but also as job boards for the workforce in the coming years. Hiring contract professionals will certainly gain momentum in 2022 and beyond.