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Instagram scam targets business owners

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The Better Business Bureau, which serves the Canton area and Greater West Virginia, offers tips and advice for consumers to avoid fraud.

Scammers know that your online reputation can have a dramatic impact on your business. That’s why they came up with this new scam. Beware of fake copyright infringement notices urging you to share your social media credentials.


Receive official-looking emails and direct messages on Instagram and other social media platforms. The message claims to have violated the platform’s copyright terms. Fill out the form immediately or read “Your account will be deleted within 24 hours of her.” In some cases, the scammer will send an email that appears to come directly from her Instagram. In other variations, fake messages are sent from accounts that you claim have been compromised. One business owner told of her experience receiving fake copyright notices on Instagram. “An account messaged me on Instagram saying they believed they were infringing their copyright and that they had to follow the link to complete a counter-form. When I clicked on the link, it took me to a fake Instagram login page, and when I messaged the person asking what happened, he kept saying that he couldn’t help me unless I entered the correct login information in the form. Scammers can take over social media by providing your login credentials to create accounts and impersonate you. They may also attempt to access other accounts owned by you using the same username and password. Alternatively, we may send her a follow-up message asking her to verify other accounts, such as email.