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India's hottest gaming trends, from Metaverse to Esports

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The world of online gaming has come a long way since its inception. This virtual space creates a wide variety of avatars, interesting scenarios, and a multitude of choices to choose from. Technological advances and new developments such as voice and face recognition, artificial intelligence, 5G and his IoT, Metaverse and serverless computing will drive the Indian online gaming industry to the US$ 5 billion benchmark by 2025. expected to reach.

Technological advances, coupled with younger generations’ inclination towards gaming culture as a favorite free-time activity, the rise of professional tournaments and esports for gamers, high disposable incomes, and fast access to the internet. The future of the industry is visible due to factors such as. Guaranteed more joy for gamers in the years to come. With approximately 420 million active online gamers, India’s online gaming market, second only to China, continues to grow rapidly with the most diverse markets, including:

gaming in the cloud

Cloud gaming known as “gaming on demand” Also games as a service“, is the latest in online gaming technology that does not require a specific game play station or PC. New advances in this area allow users to access video games using faster network connections on remote servers and stream games directly across the user’s devices, including monitors, laptops, tablets and games. will be The central idea of ​​cloud gaming is to enhance hyperscale his cloud capabilities to benefit industry growth.

Hardware upgrade

From multiple large screens on PCs and laptops to small mobile screens that fit in the palm of your hand, online gaming has evolved not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of hardware. Professional gaming is still mostly played on the big screen, but in recent years it has also successfully transitioned to mobile. In addition, with the introduction of faster chipsets, improved graphics cards, faster IPS and refresh rates, and advanced technologies like Blur Buster, the hardware technology has also been upgraded to reduce blur rates and smooth enable a great gaming experience.

say hello to esports

Adding professionalism to gaming tournaments has opened more doors than ever before to gaming enthusiasts around the world. With the advent of esports, sports fraternities began organizing multiplayer video game competitions between professional players as teams or individuals. Tournaments are well organized and attract participants from all over the world. Leveraging these events with live streaming on various online platforms, the Indian e-sports industry is estimated to reach Rs 11 crore by the year 2015.

virtual meets reality

Games are always virtual worlds with scenarios and challenges to overcome in different ways. However, in recent years, the demand for a more realistic experience has led to the introduction of virtual reality games and VR game models. The technology contained in the virtual reality headset display allows gamers to immerse themselves in the gaming environment. With the help of VR headsets and gear, you can interact with other players and objects in an immersive way, experience real-time experiences and explore adventurous worlds of online games.

Metaverse is the future

As technology popularity and demand reach new heights every day, companies are building metaverse projects that leverage cutting-edge technologies such as 3D reconstruction, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT, and AI.

Characters in Metaverse games are coordinated by the player’s unique avatar, a virtual representation of their real-life identity, and can even experience physical touch through haptic gloves and jackets. In addition, gamers can also invite their social media friends, interact with other players in the metaverse, and collaborate and enjoy the game together. The new and very attractive platform has created excitement among players and undoubtedly has a promising future for the online gaming industry.

In conclusion

The Indian gaming industry shows potential investment growth and a broader and loyal gamer community base. With the introduction of AR, VR and the Metaverse, technological advancements will be the backbone of the industry. However, the technology also requires an equal amount of customer databases and cybersecurity regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for players.

(Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales & Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India)

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