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Improving communication content through technology helps retain drivers and office staff

Truck drivers are one of the most visible and most important roles in the transportation industry. Without them the cargo would not move. But another part of the transportation workforce quietly helps keep shipments moving behind the scenes and is just as important: back-office staff.

Office workers such as dispatchers, safety assistants, and bookkeeping staff serve as key points of contact for drivers to receive shipment instructions, comply with laws and company policies, and, of course, receive paychecks. increase. Office workers also rely on drivers to deliver packages on time, complete inspections, and submit required documents in a timely manner.

When staff constantly call drivers about missing documents, re-photograph illegible documents, and request updates on loading status, the job performance of all parties and the company’s cash flow suffers. Decrease.

This kind of workflow disruption leads to employee attrition as employees seek environments with more efficient communication processes.

Automation is the most obvious and effective way to solve communication workflow problems. The transportation industry has embraced automation over the past few years. Automation has proven to be extremely important in increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving employee job satisfaction in companies.

“Traditional mobile communications solutions are connectivity solutions,” said Larry Kerr, president and CEO of EBE Technologies. “EBE designed our mobile his solution as a content his solution that provides drivers with information and instructions to make their jobs easier and safer, while increasing the productivity of dispatchers and back offices. .”

EBE Technologies enables shipping companies to modernize their processes and increase efficiency with a suite of technology products, including SHIPSMobile Content solutions.

The app is a valuable tool in addressing the nationwide problem of driver turnover. After implementing SHIPSMobile content, companies are seeing improved driver retention and a reduced “hire, train, repeat” culture.

Instead of spending time manually entering data, drivers can easily and quickly send photos of documents such as bills of lading and driver entitlement file updates. These documents are routed to the carrier’s TMS for processing and sorting into the appropriate workflows. But mobile solutions are more than just capture apps. Numerous other features also help reduce manual entry, follow-up phone calls, and other tedious repetitive processes.

SHIPSMobile Content offers:

  • Notice of delay or loss of documents based on travel segment.
  • Optical character recognition technology with TMS/dispatch integration.
  • Document indexing for import into imaging systems.
  • quality judge.
  • Verification of received documents.
  • Payment status when documents are received during the deadline period.
  • Special delivery information.
  • Shipment and asset tracking to send status and GPS location information to third parties.

EBE also integrates with four different areas of the carrier’s back-office system to increase workflow flexibility. These areas include his TMS for load information, his TMS for billing, mobile communications provider devices, and integration with carrier asset management systems.

Near-instantaneous communication has become commonplace in society, and shippers want immediate communication from carriers regarding the status of their shipments and deliveries.

SHIPSMobile content allows carriers to provide proof of delivery to shippers within 10 minutes of delivery. This proved to be exactly what Iowa-based carrier Solar Transport needed.

Solar Transport chose SHIPSMobile Content as a way to meet shipper expectations by providing instant proof of delivery. Additionally, we needed a better way to index and expedite the payment process.

Using the SHIPSMobile Content solution, the company accelerated the proof of delivery submission process, saved $100,000 annually by eliminating indexing time, reduced manual entry by 95%, and reduced time spent creating or receiving missing items. Saved 30 hours per week. Or use the Settlement Assistant to slow down the paperwork.

Solar Transport was also able to improve driver retention by 15% after implementing SHIPS mobile content.

One size fits all solution. EBE Technologies offers personalized solutions so you can streamline your productivity, regardless of your career needs.

For more information about EBE Technologies and its mobile content services, please visit its website.