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How the surge in online gaming offers huge opportunities to promote better nutrition

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So-called emerging adults (EAs), defined as adults between the ages of 18 and 25, have difficulty engaging in healthy behaviors such as aggressive dieting, nutrition and eating patterns, according to researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. remain in the group.

Additionally, the literature is mixed on how to actively engage EA with online gaming environments such as eSports and game streaming, they say.

This scoping review identified and analyzed studies on online games, EAs, and eating patterns to create a behavioral ecological map of impact.

Researchers identified 75 studies that identified potential effects of EA on eating behavior in the online gaming space.

Most studies (n= 49; 65.3%) were published between 2017 and 2022, with the highest number of studies published in 2021 (n= 13; 17.3%).

They divided the impact of online gaming into three areas: community, local, and individual.

Exagame Opportunity

At the community level, video game producers say they have a role to play in passively influencing player health through gameplay mechanics and the development and release of exagames.

Additionally, eSports athletes, many of whom are EA, are increasingly the subject of research linking health and gaming performance.

“As eSports becomes more specialized, there is a growing focus on the link between eSports athletes’ physical health and in-game performance. It has become part of the training of eSports athletes because of its benefits of improving internal focus.”Researchers suggest this could be used to motivate better nutrition among all gamers.