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Hampshire sports charity Energize Me reveals physical activity goals 10 years after London 2012 Olympics

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CHARITY, an advocate for physical activity for all, gives us insight into what has happened in the decade since the London 2012 Olympics.

Energize Me worked with Hampshire County Council to develop a goal to ‘increase children’s and adults’ participation in culture and sport, using the inspiration of the London Olympics’.

The Winchester-based Sports Charity Decade reveals the highlights of the decade and what is needed to continue to promote participation and accessibility in physical activity.

The Local Active Partnership addresses barriers to active lifestyles in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, advocating for physical activity campaigns, supporting the least active and developing the workforce in sport.

The organization wanted to use the excitement of the Home Olympics to offer physical activity strategies. The plan focused on reducing inactivity among adults, especially women, and improving levels of physical activity among children and adolescents and those with long-term medical conditions.

Highlights of Energize Me and their work since the London Olympics include organizing the Hampshire School Games, introducing Get Set programs in schools, training and supporting volunteers, signposting volunteer opportunities, and the Hampshire Talent Athlete Scheme. including increased support for talented young people by Investment in Winchester Sports and Leisure Park.

Sport England’s Active Life Survey, introduced in 2015, showed that activity levels are increasing across Hampshire through 2020. Winchester saw the highest activity rate in the entire county. Energize Me was in line with their goal of getting more women, older people and people with disabilities to be active.

But the data reveal that not everyone and communities benefit from active lifestyles, and the same inequalities that existed before 2012 remain persistent.

Energize Me CEO Julie Amys said: But we’ve learned that national initiatives don’t lead to people everywhere experiencing the enjoyment, enjoyment, social connection, and physical and mental health that physical activity brings. As such, we plan to work with partners in physical activity, health and community to integrate movement into our healthcare, education, planning and transportation systems. We listen and advocate for inactive communities and make their voices heard in policy discussions. And through our role on the Health and Wellbeing Commission, we encourage others to use that influence to enable active lifestyles.

In 2020, the organization realized it needed to change its initial strategy and asked the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, “Imagine if we could all be happier, healthier and stronger.” I was. Feedback from over 800 locals helped shape the new We Can Be Active strategy.

The five goals are:

1. Positive early experiences for our children and young people

2. Opportunities that meet our needs and interests and are accessible and easy to find.

3. Places and travel routes where everyone can work with peace of mind.

4. Support to get started and keep moving when you feel like you can’t do it alone.

5. Bold leaders who work together to create happier and healthier communities.

With these goals, the sports charity hopes to “continue the love of physical activity that began at the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

The new angle was implemented at this year’s Hampshire Youth Games, the first-ever non-competitive festival. Winchester Sports & Leisure Park was selected to host the annual Hampshire School Games Physical Activity Festival, inspired by the 2022 Commonwealth Games, attended by over 1,000 children. It’s the first time Energize Me has changed the format of the game since his 2012.

At the school game, Children and Youth Strategic Officer Sharon Robertson said: Our role as an organization is to engage inactive children, so we changed the focus of the event to try to get more inactive young people involved. ”

“The great thing about Winchester is that we have a new building. On the other hand, we have more flexibility here, everything is very close to being able to walk from one venue to another and we couldn’t ask for better facilities.”

Following its success, another festival for inactive children will be held next year.

Energize Me is backed by Sport England and Hampshire County Council to promote equality in sport. The local charity is one of 43 active partnerships across England working towards active nations.

Energize Me, known as Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight, served as a member of the County Council before becoming a registered charity in February 2016.

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