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GTA Online Weekly Update Adds New Car Declasse Draugur

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The GTA Online Weekly Update to the multiplayer game component of Grand Theft Auto V has another new car, and it’s a solid hunk of metal. Declasse Draugur is a large four-passenger off-loader that looks like his GTA adaptation of the Chevrolet off-road concept, combining its signature customized body his kit with recessed doors. His August 11th weekly update for Open World Games also features his set of 10 Cayo his perico races with boosted rewards, among other limited-time bonuses.

The Declasse Draugur (unfortunately not Skyrim affiliated) is now available for purchase from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos store as part of the slow rollout of new vehicles introduced in the recent GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update. You’ll get back $1,870,000 worth of purchases in GTA Online, but as a thank you, you’ll be gifted with a nice gray Yeti Flat Cap.

Other major features of the week are Cayo Perico races and buried stashes. There are currently 10 Cayo Perico races available for players to participate in, and we’re doubling the usual weekly in-game cash and reputation point rewards to ensure that as many players as possible can participate. The metal detector random event will be instantly familiar to players of Rockstar’s other online game, Red Dead Redemption II. CEO Payphone Hit is back in action after a hiatus due to a bug.

If you’re looking to pick up a new set of wheels, the Ocelot Swinger is your prize ride in GTA Online for the week of August 11th. This is a classic racing car that he can get by taking the lead for three days in the pursuit series races. line. The Übermacht Cypher Sports Coupe is GTA Online’s podium car of the week. If you’re lucky on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel, your chances of winning one are slim.

For sale this week in the new Luxury Autos store are the Autarch and Torero XO, while Simeon’s Showroom features the Convertible Tornado, Nebula Turbo, Remus, Cognosenti and Stirling GT. He also doubles his speed with significant discounts on special cargo crates, warehouse cargo, and bunkers, and warehouse staff procuring special cargo.

The full range of discounts on offer is as follows:

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