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Group revives African vultures, arts and technology – The Sun Nigeria

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From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

To mark International Youth Day (IYD) 2022, the Radhi Kwari Foundation hosted the first Radhi Kwari Summit to address some of the world’s most pressing issues in innovative and positive ways .

The summit also honored the glorious legacy of the late Dr. Radi Kwari.

At an event in Abuja yesterday, the foundation’s executive director, Japhet Sha’agi Kineze, said this year’s summit will focus on “the revival of African culture, art and technology in Africa’s development”. I was.

“This summit will bring together young, passionate leaders who are rewriting history to discuss the challenges young changemakers face as they use technology to protect the nation’s arts and culture,” said Kinese. rice field.

He said joining forces could have a significant impact on the socioeconomic growth of communities that need to support young people.

In his words, “Looking at our community, this one is plagued by insecurity, brain drain, poverty, lack of infrastructure and high youth unemployment. Information, facilities and interpersonal support are lacking. Therefore, creating professional opportunities is difficult.

“However, very few targeted intervention efforts have been made to address the problems he identified. Inadequate support inhibits growth and prevents these women and adolescents from achieving their goals.Most people leave and engage in regressive habits and behaviors that hinder social progress. I am forced to

“Governments, organizations and individuals have continued to advocate for technological governance, but to adequately address the issues affecting women and young people, it must be promoted inclusively, leveled the playing field and bottled water. We believe that we need to remove bottlenecks and encourage accountability for community growth.Increase access to quality education so that these women and young people can fully explore, generate new ideas and join forces. Create a platform that allows

“Even in this current reality, I believe we need to muster enough willpower to start doing what is right in order to return to our inconsistent world. It must be seen as a challenge to restore historical pride and embrace a positive outlook on Africa’s prosperity.

“This is a great opportunity to have conversations with Africans about how we can advance African development through arts, culture and technology. We have attendees from all over the world, most of whom are well-known experts in their fields, CEOs, thought leaders and key industry insiders.”

In his goodwill message, Hong, former chairman of the Kwari Regional Council. Ibrahim Daniel said the country has assets that can be converted into wealth and it would be desirable for young people to optimize such opportunities, stating, “Today’s world is driven by modern technology and we want to make it happen today. You have to be very strong now that you are creative and have an asset on how to use modern technology to convert them into wealth.”

Ibrahim urged young people to use culture as a tool for development and as a vehicle to explore the international community, while at the same time not being left behind as the world progresses.

“I feel strongly that the challenges we face today are due to our lazy minds and there is nothing we can do. We have devices, so young people must be curious by being creative.

“Through our seminars, workshops and community-driven programs, we enable young people to become productive and then to realize that they can work and benefit themselves and the country as a whole. ,” he continued.

Co-organizer Michael Akou said the summit aims to present ways to influence change for the betterment of people, especially the younger generation. It also enables existing technology to be used to create greater impact. It is about how to effectively use technology to raise awareness and create a value exchange.

“And one of the things we have to change now in this world is that there can be a direct exchange of value between people and the economy without the intervention of the centralized platforms that have robbed people of all their value. to ensure that it is done.

“Our mission, therefore, is to really support value creation for the people who are key to education, and to ensure that we bring to the grassroots a true foundation of how we can use technology to develop workshops. I think it will make a big contribution to the economy.”