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Former CD Projekt Red Devs Developing Online Ninja Game

Former CD Projekt Red developer, the studio behind The Witcher games and Cyberpunk 2077, is developing a new online action ninja game.

Back in 2007, cd project red released its first video game titled witcherHowever, it wasn’t until release The Witcher 2: Assassin of KingsWhen The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The mainstream gaming public has started to take notice of studios. Recent games, Cyberpunk 2077 Sadly, it didn’t perform as well as previous games, and was notable for launching into an almost unplayable state. It sounds like you want to put it behind you.

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In May, a former CD Projekt Red developer named Jacob Ben co-founded a new development company called Dark Passenger. Ben’s Linkedin account lists him as the developer of his CD Projekt Red. A job that lasted nearly five years. His role with the company was listed as Film Artist/Assistant Director and Junior Film Artist.Moreover, he worked with witcher Developer of Dark Passenger’s former name, RealTime Warriors Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red is currently working on its fourth game. witcher Although a franchise, Dark Passenger is ready to start a new project.

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In a recent post, the official Dark Passenger Twitter account revealed that they are hiring new games. The developer’s official website provided more detailed information about what gamers can expect from the upcoming project. Currently untitled, it is described as a ninja-themed online action game.The game takes place in feudal Japan and focuses on a time when the country was taken over by unknown invaders. currently unknown ghost of tsushimaPlayers control ninjas from different houses looking for artifacts that can stand against invaders while fighting each other for dominance.

No gameplay footage currently exists for upcoming Dark Passenger games. The site reveals that the game focuses on both cooperation and competition, including katanas, shurikens, kunai throwing knives, and many other weapons.Close encounters may resemble combat Sekiro: Shadows die twice When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderAdditionally, the game has an intricate personalization system that allows players to create their characters to their liking.

Such moves are nothing new in the gaming industry. For example, Stoic Studio is a game company formed by former BioWare developers. banner saga game. Similarly, former Telltale Games developers independently formed Campo Santo Games to create the 2016 game. fire watchWe hope Dark Passenger’s upcoming ninja games bring success and hours of entertainment to gamers around the world.

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Source: Dark Passenger (via IGN)