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Everton defender Ben Godfrey has suffered a horrific ankle injury after tackling Chelsea's Kai Havertz

Ben Godfrey has suffered a horrendous leg injury after a bad back pass to Jordan Pickford after tackling Chelsea’s Kai Havertz… Angry fans say the Everton keeper has I hope you feel ‘bad’ for not signaling that the ball is out of play rather than trying to play it

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  • Ben Godfrey suffered serious injury against Chelsea on Saturday
  • Everton centre-back’s ankle appeared to twist backwards during tackle
  • The 24-year-old was taken off the pitch on a stretcher and taken to hospital.

Everton defender Ben Godfrey has suffered a serious injury after facing Kai Havertz in the Premier League opener against Chelsea at Goodison Park.

After Godfrey threw a botched back pass to Jordan Pickford, the Everton goalkeeper scrambled and inadvertently tried to retain the ball, only for Chelsea’s Kai Havertz to pick it up in a dangerous position. rice field.

Godfrey scrambled back to tackle Havertz, but as he did so, he landed awkwardly on his planted foot, sustaining a severe lower right leg injury.

Ben Godfrey escorted off the pitch immediately after sustaining a serious lower leg injury

Godfrey's right ankle appeared to twist backwards during challenge to Kai Havertz

Godfrey’s right ankle appeared to twist backwards during challenge to Kai Havertz

The seriousness of Godfrey’s injury soon became apparent and the former Norwich defender was carried off the pitch on a stretcher and replaced by Mason Holgate in his place.

Everton boss Frank Lampard provided an update on the defender’s injury after the game.

“It’s a small fracture in his fibula. I’m thinking 2-3 months, but this is a very quick assessment.

Tuffy’s injury woes continued in the second half of the game, and Jerry Mina was also deemed unable to continue in the second half and was replaced by Ruben Vinagre.

In the aftermath of the incident, fans took to social media to wonder why Pickford didn’t inform authorities that the ball was out of play.

User @cabbo1970 said:

Another user criticized Everton’s defense: “It’s the usual suspect. Pickford hides errors with some good saves but always makes stupid decisions. Godfrey, CB I don’t think he did anything to show he was good enough to start.

@oseiebenez also slammed the England goalkeeper’s decision-making: “Pickford has had decision-making problems and it’s time he sorted it out.”

Twitter user @johnproc57 blamed Godfrey for the play leading up to the collision. It was a reckless challenge, but I got through him. If Pickford had signaled that he was out, his teammates would still be on the pitch.

Another user blamed the referee for not flagging a corner when the ball was first out of play.

The full extent of Godfrey’s injury is currently unknown, but Rob Scofield has confirmed the defender was rushed to Aintree Hospital for an evaluation: to be evaluated.

Social media users reacted to Godfrey's injury in Everton's match against Chelsea

Social media users reacted to Godfrey’s injury in Everton’s match against Chelsea