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EQL Games signs iLottery content deal with Michigan Lottery

Posted: Aug 14, 2022 11:12h.

Last updated: Aug 14, 2022, 11:12h.

A Louisville-based gaming technology company will provide Michigan lotteries with games for the iLottery platform.

welcome sign
A “Welcome to Michigan” sign greets motorists entering the state’s Upper Peninsula from US Highway 45. EQL Games was welcomed into the state last week after reaching an agreement to supply its games to the Michigan Lottery’s online site. (Image: spiritofamerica/Adobe Stock Images)

EQL Games announced the deal last week. This includes offering instant games developed by Present Creative and the ability to create new games for state lotteries.

EQL Games CEO Brad Cummings said in a statement: “With this agreement, we look forward to bringing exciting new content to the Michigan Lottery for years to come and helping it maintain its leadership position in the market.”

EQL Games’ deal with the Michigan Lottery comes just weeks after International Game Technology announced a similar deal to provide online gaming content to the nation’s ninth-largest lottery by revenue. According to the North American State and Local Lottery Association (NASPL), the Michigan lottery will bring in $5.05 billion in sales in 2021.

Michigan’s iLottery currently offers over 160 games to its residents. Most of them are “instant” games that combine lottery scratch tickets with slot machines.

EQL Games partners with current creatives

The Michigan lottery deal comes just two days after EQL Games announced a partnership with Present Creative, a San Francisco-based company with experience developing casino and iGaming games. The company also has experience creating games for casual and social game operators such as Big Fish, Disney, GSN and Zynga.

Cummings said online casinos and sportsbooks have presented challenges for lotteries to acquire and retain players. It also inspired me to join iLottery.

When I met the Present Creative team and saw the games they were building for the iLottery market, I knew I had to work with them,” says Cummings. “Their unique perspective on lottery game design fits perfectly with our lottery content strategy.”

Ben Sutherland, CEO of Present Creative, said he is excited about the possibilities of iLottery.

“Present Creative wants to help lotteries attract and retain customers by providing the best original content available,” said Sutherland. “Working with EQL Games, we know we can provide our customers with games and technology that drive customer acquisition and revenue.”

About EQL Games

The company, formerly known as EquiLottery Games, launched “Win ​​Place Show,” a horse-racing-based lottery drawing game, in March 2019. Later that year, it partnered with MLB on a quick draw game.

Sports-based draw games use the outcome of the game rather than the numbers flying out of the machine to determine the winner.EQL Games subsequently developed similar games for basketball, football and ice hockey.